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November 22, 2005

Occasional Huge Comment of the Week® Winner

One might wonder why annika's bitch Casca has never been awarded the coveted Huge Comment of the Week® prize. No longer. His comment to the post immediately below is beyond worthy.

The worst thing about the blogosphere is the infinite supply of know-it-alls. They offend those of us who do.
Congratulations Casca!

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June 20, 2005

Pre-Emptive Pledge

If John McCain is nominated in 2008, i will not vote for him.

Who's with me?

HCOTW: Desert Cat!

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November 21, 2004

(Sporadic) Huge Comment of the Week®

Last Week's (Sporadic) Huge Comment of the Week® was a comment to my request for advice on which animated movie to see this weekend.*

Go for 'The Incredibles.' Speculate on what sex between Mr. Incredible and Elastigirl must have been like. Discuss the paradox of being a woman who basically is her own condom.
Upon reading that comment, i was impelled to guffaw most heartily. Like this:
So Kevin Kim has earned his second oak leaf cluster. Congratulations, Kevin!

Those of you with strong stomachs might want to check out Kevin's new line of Christmas cards.

P.S.: i might humbly remind everyone that annika's journal merchandise also makes a great holiday gift.

* We saw The Incredibles, which was a whole lot of fun, and i highly recommend it.

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May 24, 2004

Huge Comment of the Week®

This week's Huge Comment of the Week® goes to Kevin Kim, for the bawdy poem he dedicated to me in his comment to my May 19 post about his blog:

May I live inside your thong?
Would that really be so wrong?
Laughing, playing, singing songs,
Twanging butt floss all night long?
Interesting . . . um . . . imagery.

That doesn't mean that anyone who writes a poem wins the coveted HCOTW award, but it doesn't hurt.

Since Kevin already walked away with the award once, this time he gets a very nice oak leaf cluster next to his name on the sidebar.

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April 11, 2004

Another Sporadic Huge Comment of the Week®

Hello, i hope y'all had a nice Easter/Passover holiday. This weekend i've been fighting two viruses. (Or is it viri?) The first is some kinda flu that i suspect i caught on the plane last weekend. It's weird. Usually i start with a sore throat and end with a cough. This time i started with a cough and now i have a sore throat. The second virus is a crappy toolbar spyware thingie that attached itself to my Internet Explorer like the monster in Alien. i had to hack it up piece by piece to delete it. i'm still not sure if i got it all.

So that's my excuse for light blogging. But, i have selected a Huge Comment of the Week®, so i haven't been completely idle.

This week's H.C.O.T.W.® laureate is someone by the name of Anonymous, who commented on an old humorous bit i did way back on March 5, 2003, called Match The Idiotic Quote With The Idiotic Celebrity. i was pretty proud of that post, it being so clever and snarky. But this person Anonymous didn't seem too impressed by my humor.

so i bet all of the previous posters have never made mistakes before and find it easier to just put other people down because of their mistakes instead of look inside their own selves. im not saying that i like any of these 'stars' as role models, especially for little kids. i really dont think they are great role models at all for kids. but. as adults, i think its time we stop bashing things down and provoke change. its not productive to participate in giving these people money (however inadvertantly) by paying any attention whatsoever to them. to me, it seems as if all of you have bought into the whole cherade. i mean, britney, christina, allanis, paris, theyve all got you writing and making pages 'worthy' of stooping to their level and even discussing them. it just doesnt seem to make sense to me....... i dont mean to offend anyone here and id be more than happy to clear up my position on things, but im just amazed that this badmouthing can be any more valid than the whole entertainment crap. just dont pay attention if you dont like it. and if you really dont like it, do something about it.
i feel chided, i do. Still, i don't think i can stop making fun of people like Brittany, Kristina, Atlantis and Peris. i don't think i want to. It's too much fun. And if anyone doesn't like it, well, i refer them to this recent post.

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February 23, 2004

The Return Of The Huge Comment of the Week®

Picking a Huge Comment of the Week® for the week of February 15 through February 21 was difficult for me. Two or three lengthy and civil debates occurred in the comments. The Kerry's Medal post garnered 21 comments. The Judge Warren post yielded 14, and the Scalia At Amherst post topped the list with 22 comments.

So you'd think there'd be a lot of good material for me to choose from when determining the newest winner. Not true.

Yes, there were many comments that were well reasoned and articulately written. In fact, most of them were. Unfortunately, since so many of you visitors chose to disagree with me, i had to throw out all of those comments.*

That left me with a good number of amazingly brilliant comments by one particular commenter whom i happen to think very highly of. That is, of course, me. But it wouldn't really be fair to award the coveted Huge Comment of the Week® award to myself. Heh, i'd win it every week then, wouldn't i?

Well, now that i think about it, maybe that's not such a bad . . .

No, of course not. That wouldn't be nice. So anyway, i agonized over this week's selection more than i usually do. Everyone who took part in the debates of the last week, here on annika's j, deserves their own silver star. Or in some cases, maybe a purple heart.

i had the feeling that i should award a tie. Such a decision would be consistent with my well known fear of commitment, so it made sense to do so. Especially with so many deserving commenters.

But then i came across some information, which i considered sufficient to break the tie in a way that would be manifestly unfair to the other deserving candidates. i found out that one commenter is taking the bar exam this week. Not wishing to distract him with undue worry over the outcome of this latest Huge Comment of the Week®, i have decided to bestow the honor upon Matt Rustler.

The winning comment is Matt's February 20th counter-argument to my counter argument to his counter-argument. The one which prompted him to point out, in his next counter-argument, that i had been "conspicuously silent" in response to some analogies he made in his previous counter-argument. Well Matt, there was a reason i was conspicuously silent, you bastard. Those were tough analogies to defeat. i'm still right, though.

And since Matt has already won the coveted prize once, he gets the very first Huge Comment of the Week® Oak Leaf Cluster! Congratulations Matt, and good luck on the bar!

Then there's D-Rod, who called me a "vile slandering surrogate Bush lackey skankpuppy." That's okay, i consider those compliments. Except for "skankpuppy." i prefer "skank-kitten."

* Just kidding.

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