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May 24, 2004

Huge Comment of the Week®

This week's Huge Comment of the Week® goes to Kevin Kim, for the bawdy poem he dedicated to me in his comment to my May 19 post about his blog:

May I live inside your thong?
Would that really be so wrong?
Laughing, playing, singing songs,
Twanging butt floss all night long?
Interesting . . . um . . . imagery.

That doesn't mean that anyone who writes a poem wins the coveted HCOTW award, but it doesn't hurt.

Since Kevin already walked away with the award once, this time he gets a very nice oak leaf cluster next to his name on the sidebar.

Posted by annika, May. 24, 2004 |
Rubric: Huge Comment Of The Week®


Life in a thong
Would really be wrong,
There, who could play songs
All the night long?

Posted by: Rick on May. 24, 2004

A pretender to the throne! Damn his eyes!

Posted by: Matt on May. 24, 2004


I lick the spaces between your toes in gratitude. An oak leaf cluster will highlight the various hairs and wrinkles when I pin it proudly to my scrotum.

I also lick your toes because I just happen to loooooove toe cheese, and because I just finished nibbling all the dingleberries off the butt floss.


Posted by: Kevin Kim on May. 25, 2004

You've sunk to a new depth, Kevin.

Posted by: annika! on May. 25, 2004

You really need to buy my book, A. Then you'll know just how far into the sewage this rabbit hole goes. "Sunk to a new depth," have I? Yes, perhaps: I look down and am startled to see I'm now waist-deep in my own asshole.

Beware the Scrotumnal Equinox,


PS: Here's the hook: Scary Spasms in Hairy Chasms is chock-full of my "decompoesy." Even if you despise short stories and cartoons, the poems will charm you. Like this one, for instance:

the doctor says
don't you pick those scabs
so I
pick pick pick
and I
pluck pluck pluck
then I
lick lick lick
and I
suck suck suck
and the doc says STOP
so I say OK
then I
lick lick lick
and I
pick pick pick

Posted by: Kevin Kim on May. 25, 2004

More talent here than a decades worth of American Idol competitions.

Posted by: mark on May. 27, 2004

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