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May 03, 2007

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During an inadvertently risque moment, Governor Romney demonstrates his "technique" in response to a question by moderator Chris Matthews.

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His knuckleball grip right? Damn you're a pervy little thing, thus very popular. lmao

Posted by: Casca on May. 3, 2007

what? you don't think it was risky for him to start talking about his bowling technique?

Posted by: annika on May. 4, 2007


How often do the words risque and bowling find themselves in the same sentence?

Romney looks more like RR calling his favorite sheep to the barn for a nooner.

Posted by: Strawman on May. 4, 2007

the shocker, that's friggin sweet!

Posted by: Scof on May. 4, 2007

-Romney looks more like RR calling his favorite sheep to the barn for a nooner.

I have it on good authority Strawman would know about diddling livestock. I heard he was banned from a petting zoo in Jersey several years ago. He walked into the place wearing nothing but galoshes. He grabbed the nearest goat and inserted its hind legs into his boots so it could not run away. He proceeded to give the animal a time it would never forget along with a case of herpes.

Posted by: Spanky on May. 4, 2007

You're such a pervert. That's what I love about you.

Posted by: Trint on May. 4, 2007


Sounds like you are competing with RR for the title of site farm boy?

Posted by: Strawman on May. 4, 2007

Amazingly, that's my technique, too! You'd be surprised how well it works,really you would. I've gotten thirty-two marriage proposals that way alone.

And I won't even get started with what I can do with my tongue. Who says that Catholic school didn't have some benefits?

Posted by: skippystalin on May. 4, 2007

Whoa. That's so gratuitously perverted that it almost offends even me.

Posted by: Matt on May. 4, 2007

Scof, I really liked the "Have a crappy weekend" sound bite.

Posted by: reagan80 on May. 4, 2007

Yes, I know Matt. Its incredibly tasteless and there was no justification for it. This is probably the type of thing that explains why I was never asked to join Pajamas Media and Hugh Hewitt took me off his blogroll.

Posted by: annika on May. 4, 2007

"Hugh Hewitt took me off his blogroll"

I hope none of the comments were a factor in his decision. I know that I've posted some pretty toxic, politically incorrect shit on multiple occasions that people would want to publicly distance themselves from.

With that said, I'm not a big fan of Hugh's sycophantic tendencies.

Posted by: reagan80 on May. 4, 2007

I missed the debate, I've heard from various sources that Romney did well along with a couple of others. Apparently, McCain looked old and tired - not a good TV candidate. Michael Medved suggests that Duncan Hunter was the debate winner (with Romney a close second.)

Opinions anyone?

Posted by: blu on May. 4, 2007

Hmmmm, Hunter did himself some good, but Romney was Mr. Kewl. Hunter has a big plus for being VP. Aside from McCain who is too old, and too strident. Who else but Hunter is a vet? On top of his service, he's been the go to guy on defense in the Congress for a long time. Add to that, he's an articulate conservative with major street cred, and any presidential candidate with suspect credentials with his base will want to shore up his bonafides. Plus, he has Buckeye roots.

Posted by: Casca on May. 4, 2007

The winner was ..... Fred Thompson.

With no real winner emerging, Fred begins to gain traction.

Looking for RWR reincarnate? Look no further.

And, Fred would not hesitate to name Newt Secretary of State or Defense. I see a Thompson-Giuliani ticket coming.

Beats the Hell out of Clinton-Richardson, doesn't it?

Remember, you read it here on Annie's blog.

Posted by: shelly on May. 5, 2007

I don't know Shelly. I hadn't had a decent look at Romney until Thursday. He's a business lawyer from the East Coast, who sounds pretty damned conservative. Add to that, leading-man looks, and incredible mental quickness. He probably is the one. This is the most superficial part of politics, but Fred looks too old, and Newt too fat and toadish. Romney will make Hillary look like the hag she is in comparison, and Obama would come off like the ersatz looney left nutjob version of Romney.

Posted by: Casca on May. 5, 2007

Since Straw is considered the same species as the diversity of 4 legged vermin he penetrates with his Minuscule Man Meat™, it's not beastiality.

Notice he named himself after the material on which he give the old goats a reacharound?

Posted by: Radical Redneck on May. 5, 2007

Annie you'll be shocked to hear that I saw that picture elsewhere earlier, and thought the exact same thing! :-O

Posted by: Radical Redneck on May. 5, 2007

So we're supposed to vote for people now because they don't have the guts to jump in the fray? I don't know. That doesn't sit well with me. Thompson needs to get off his ass if he's going to run. Because he has no money, no staff, and I suspect no ideas either. All he's doing is sucking up oxygen from guys who have been working hard for months.

Posted by: annika on May. 6, 2007

And don't forget he's got a really good side job.

Posted by: Strawman on May. 6, 2007

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