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October 10, 2006

Fantasy Musical Team-Ups That'll Never Happen

Picture this: Barbra Streisand reprising her most famous role as Dolly Levi, and introducing George W. Bush as Horace Vandergelder! That's brilliant casting, and it would be box office gold. Gold I tell ya!


Alas, I'm afraid it would never happen. I don't think the president could handle the vocal parts.

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Posted by: Casca on Oct. 11, 2006

Clearly law school has made you silly; but it is still silly-funny.

Posted by: shelly on Oct. 11, 2006

Streisand abased herself answering even that language. Bush doesn’t deserve such sweet words!

Posted by: Flowers London on Oct. 13, 2006

I'm also afraid that the president might flip and start blabbing about terrorist threats on stage.

Posted by: Atlanta on Oct. 20, 2006