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January 23, 2006

What's More Annoying...

the concept of "high energy" in advertising?

...or some other thing?

Update: "High energy" would be like loud upbeat music, lots of dancing kids, bright primary colors in motion, maybe a cartoon character or two breakdancing.

Okay, I got something more annoying, maybe. How about that barrista who's having so much fun she's just gotta yell all the time?

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Not only am I supposed to have a great day, but a super great day. It makes me want to throw my maple-oat scone at them.

Posted by: Yolo Cowboy on Jan. 23, 2006

Peet's is still steady ready here with killer fresh Oaktown pastries and jive on the side. No yellin'.

Posted by: d-rod on Jan. 24, 2006

How about the fact that you have to refer to the person who pours your coffee with a pretentious title like "barrista" in the first place?

How annoying is that?

Posted by: Stephen Macklin on Jan. 24, 2006

You tell her Stephen! Why it's right up there with having a name like... like... Stephen Macklin!!

Posted by: Casca on Jan. 24, 2006

Annika, come to South Korea. It's the land of high-energy advertising. Koreans don't do sarcasm, which makes TV commercials all the funnier for Westerners.


Posted by: Kevin Kim on Jan. 24, 2006

Most TV advertising is focused on pointless consumption, so I'd say most everything is annoying. There are some jokes, but that merely attempts to deflect the understanding that they still want you to buy something needlessly.

Posted by: will on Jan. 24, 2006

There is one thing more annoying, any commercial with gilbert gottfried.

Posted by: Kyle N on Jan. 24, 2006

Commercials with a record scratching sound effect indicating that they think they've tricked you somehow. "This is a commercial about a certain thing SCRATCH... YEAH RIGHT!!! IT'S REALLY ABOUT SOMETHING ELSE!! FUCK YOU, OLD MAN!!"

Posted by: Dave Munger on Jan. 24, 2006


You may be right, But then I wouldn't charge you $3.50 for coffee and steamed milk either.

Posted by: Stephen Macklin on Jan. 24, 2006

Heh, I get almost five lbs of Folgers or Maxwell House for that kind of jack.

Posted by: Casca on Jan. 24, 2006