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November 27, 2005

Aspiring LL Stalker E-mail Of The Week

Yep, i'm still getting emails from LL fans all over the world, based on my humorous post from nine months ago. i don't know what's more absurd, the number of LL fans out there, or the fact that so many of them seem to lack any sense of irony.

Here's the latest one:

Hi, I'm [name redacted] from belgium (so my English isn't good at all but i'm going to try it) I love Lindsay Lohan, she is so beautiful, she is HOT. So my point is : if you got the e-mail, or phone number of Lindsay please give it to me, she is the perfect girl I just want to see her in Real, and I want to be her friend. She is a idol fot every girl, I like her style, the way she dresses her self, everything. You probably think that I'm a freak of her, but not I that way, you know. I'm 16 years old and please say against Lindsay that there is someone in Belgium who's a great fan of her. And maybe if I graduate when I'm 18, my parents said I could study in the USA, to play baseball also because it's my sport, maybe I will be a pro someday and maybe then Lindsay wil meet me ( Maybe), It's my dream to be a pro baseballer, and to have Lindsay as my girlfriend !!, and if that dream ever come true I will be the happiest man of the world I swear, so please introduce me to Lindsay if you ever got her e-mail or phonenumber.

Thanks for listening to me, it means a lot

[name redacted]

How sweet. i hope he gets to be her boyfriend someday, and if he does i hope he's smart enough to do all the driving.

Update: It's not looking good for Belgium dude. This is how LL treats people who are not in her social stratosphere.

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When I see the effects of anorexia on that poor girl it gives me the heebie jeebies.

Posted by: Kyle N on Nov. 28, 2005

A Belgian who plays baseball? Belgians are supposed to be cyclists...especially cyclocross or mountain biking...

I can only assume he misspelled basketball.

Posted by: Victor on Nov. 28, 2005

I posted twice about Ashlee Simpson last year...once regarding her SNL appearance and one after she screamed a song at the Orange Bowl.

I still get hate mail from her (mostly European) fans telling me what an idiot I am for not recognizing her true talent (a lot of "quit hatin'" emails).


Posted by: Robbie on Nov. 28, 2005

"Crazy huh?"

No No. It is a great movie plot and is sure to be green lighted. I see a wonderful role in it for Lindsay Lohan. Especially since she is a close personal friend of yours.

If you want I will call Harvey Weinstein (a close personal friend of mine) and insist that he take a lunch with you to hear your script pitch.

Posted by: Jake on Nov. 28, 2005

Sorry. My comment above should be on your dream post.

Posted by: Jake on Nov. 28, 2005

That's OK Jake, next time u c harv, work me into the conversation. I've got more script ideas than Kramer.

Posted by: Casca on Nov. 28, 2005