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November 05, 2005

Dateline NBC

i hope you saw Dateline NBC last night. If the subject matter wasn't so disturbing and serious, i'd say it was one of the funniest hours of television ever.

Basically, NBC's Chris Hansen did an elaborate sting operation to catch child predators, who try to hook up with kids over the internet. They arranged for the predators to meet the "kids" at a house, then they filmed Hansen confronting the sickos.

Freakin funnier than shit.

One of the dudes was a doctor, and another was a rabbi who worked with kids! The rabbi at least dressed up for his date, but one dude showed up naked. That was the funniest scene. The creep was waiting butt naked on a stool in the kitchen, thinking a 13 year old boy was about to come downstairs. Then Chris Hansen walks out and he's all "'sup freak, here's a towel." And the dude's like "whaaaaa?" It was great.

It got better. 12 hours after that perv was totally humiliated on camera, he was back on the internet, and got stung again. He went to meet another fake kid at a McDonald's the very next day and there was Hansen, shaking his head. The guy was like, "dude, i was just getting something to eat." Then later he's all "Yeah, I got a problem. I'm seeing a shrink."

By the time they were done, Dateline caught 19 perverts in this sting operation, and the DA is looking into it. Hopefully they'll all land in jail. Too bad they didn't catch them in Vegas though, because i think the mayor there would have some ideas on an appropriate punishment. Have you heard what he wants to do to taggers?

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The first criminals Giuliani went after in cleaning up NYC was taggers. It announced to the criminals and the people, that the law was coming back to the city. So the mayor of Las Vegas has the right idea but I would cut something else off those bastards.

Posted by: Jake on Nov. 5, 2005

Two nights in row for a pedophile? No wonder these guys have to be locked up for life.

Posted by: Jake on Nov. 5, 2005

"Pederast, he's a freakin' pervert dude."

Posted by: Casca on Nov. 5, 2005

I actually caught that show; I almost never watch that crap, but it caught my eye and I thought it was really funny, although not so for the perverts.

Reminded me of the old Greek proverb "Little boys throw rocks at frogs in a pond for sport, but for the frogs, it is not sport, but a cruel game of life and death."

Too bad this wan't the cops, I would have liked to see those guys do the perp walk out in cuffs and a raincoat over their heads. Especially the fucking Rabbi, who headed a YOUTH congregation.

Posted by: shelly on Nov. 5, 2005

Oh, and I hasten to add that I have noticed that Casca has dummied up about OSU and USC of late...

Posted by: shelly on Nov. 5, 2005

I was just being polite, since I thought you were dead.

Posted by: Casca on Nov. 5, 2005

How respectful.

Well, I see that OSU has finally revealed its offense. A day late and a dollar short, as we say.

Doesn't look like anyone will beat Penn State, but I'd say OSU's bowl chances just improved this weekend with Cal and UCLA both eating it and VT looking like Beamer sucked a lemon or something.

Next week Cal will have another loss and on December 3 UCLA will have one as well.

Like I said, it'll be Texas and SC on January 4 at the Rose Bowl. I think I'll stick around until then.

Posted by: shelly on Nov. 6, 2005

Well, hang in there. We need your vote.

Posted by: Casca on Nov. 6, 2005

Hey, that's not you! The tatoo is wrong.

Posted by: Victor on Nov. 6, 2005

I am not a pedophile, I am a 46 year old woman who despises pedophilia and the perverts who commit such acts. I’m coming into this situation thinking it’s a good thing to get these guys off the streets, but the part of me which is actually reasonable questions the constitutionality of this type of operation, especially one which is based on the "threat" of pedophilia. A person never commits the act, just shows up at a place (the promise sexual favors known or unknown, i.e. the fake child in many cases did not even discuss what they would do when they got to the house, only arranging a "meet" and "we can take it from there")

Believe me, it is utterly stupid for one of these guys to show up at the house, it's inexcusable on their part, however, if you’re going to arrest these men the premise and the legality behind this operation in itself becomes inexcusable. It is entrapment almost any way you look at it, but I guarantee the proponents of this operation would find one aspect (protecting our children against a potential threat) and run with it totally negating the honesty and the integrity our law enforcement community boasts about itself at every opportunity. On one level, what arresting these men says to me is just because these are pedophiles, we need to stoop almost to their level and lie to them to capture them! Sure it makes for good TV, these "potential" pedophiles are embarrassed in front of millions of people, but honestly that is where it should end, arrests should constitutionally not be made for the mere fact that no crime was committed, Jesus, they weren't even given the chance to even try to commit a crime, just say cheese your on MSNBC, oh and we have the cops outside waiting for you! It's just low, and lowering yourself to catch people who were totally enticed to come to the house to be arrested should worry “reasonable” lawmakers, but I don't expect people with IQ's less than 60 to comprehend that idea (namely many police officers involved in this sting and especially Chris Hansen who was a failure in every other position he has ever held and is reduced to shows like this to get ratings, you are not Geraldo, you are not Nancy Grace *thank god* you are Chris Hansen L.V.P., least valuable player at MSNBC).

I know, people would argue we must catch them before they have the chance to do it to kids. But would you like it if someone on the internet entrapped your family member or friend and his life is ruined because he merely thought of having sex with a child...

I fear we will live in a society much like the one seen in Minority Report, but without cars that fly and no Tom Cruise (which might not be so bad) and I don't want to go to jail because I feel like killing someone, or I feel like stealing from a place because I am dirt poor... same deal here, no one wants to go to jail because they were thinking about having sex with a child.

To say the majority of human beings don't have some desire to do something illegal is asinine, and conversely most people are smart enough not to be lured into a situation where they could actually carry out that illegal act. But the key words there are lured and smart. FACT these men are lured to the house, FACT they are undoubtedly dumb enough to fall for it. But to jail them for their stupidly, especially when no crime has taken place should itself be illegal or at least recognized as irregular in the grand scheme of our first rate legal system here in America.

No need to refute anything I just said, I’ve thought of all the angles but have no time to write them.

Posted by: The Realist on this website on Feb. 6, 2006

I keep watching the replays of this and it is enfuriating me on how proud MSNBC is over this, they think they are doing GOOD in this world, much like Nancy Grace. The truth is, I've seen operations like this one different stations long before Chris Hansen got this bright idea, and each time the entrapment (which is illegal) is justified by saying "oh well, they are going to hurt our kids"

It's not an evil arguement, and it's not one that I would fight against, it's just wait and see, once we start bending the law to suit our needs, people will take advantage, it's happened before and it will happen again; these idiots are setting bad precedents and if you REALLY want to protect your kids, don't let them sit unattended at an unfiltered "window to the world" i.e. the internet.

Jesus, even if you knew your kid wouldn't be abducted, would you set him down in the middle Times Square for an hour unattended, would you let him frollick through the streets of Amsterdams Red Light District alone? Definitely NOT! Then don't let them use the internet alone if you are SO concerned about their safety. This leads me to the underlying point here, whether Chris Hansen will admit it or not: this operation underscores most peoples inablity to take responsibility for their own children; which translates into Chris Hansen language, "so let's go out and entrap anyone who might do them harm someday, drug dealers, pedophiles, rapists, black men, let's entrap them all!"

why? Because God, Jesus and George Bush all know the American people are in love with the illusion that they are being protected and as long as the illusion of being protected is up, the Lemmings will carry out their daily lives unfettered. Chris Hansen may not know it, but he is spearheading (by his own volition) our country's descent down an extremely slippery slope of throwing people in jail who might have committed a crime, much like our friends Stalin, Hitler, and Saddam did on a regular basis; *SARCASM BEGINS HERE* I'm glad we can distance ourselves from them, thanks Chris Hansen for keeping Facism alive and well in America, I had almost given up hope that our country wouldn't entrap people and ruin their lives over something they didnt do yet, or might not even have done AT ALL! Ponderous...

Posted by: The Realist on this website on Feb. 6, 2006

I have a Grandson currently in jail awaiting transfer to a place for counseling. He pleaded guilty, as his Mom--as most Moms would do-- hired a private lawyer for him, and he didn't want her to have to sell or heavily morgage her place for him.
He was arrested in an Internet Predator Sting when he pulled up to a Wal-Mart store to meet the supposed "girl". I don't know what the police thought would happen in a Wal-Mart, but-----.This jail is charging him $65.00 a day, and they are not allowing him to work. He has been waiting for a month already. 30 days X $65.00 = $2500+ so far, not counting the lawyer and other costs.
His story, with pictures, has been in our local paper twice, the large area paper twice, and the large paper where it happened 3 times I think. Twice for sure, so his reputation ruined should be punishment enough as he was a young man with an upcoming career and very well thought of in town. By the way, his girlfriend of 4 years is waiting for him too, and her family also supports him.
The family knows he would not DO anything to the extent there was a 'get-to-gether- as a show of support just before he had to report to the jail. One person remarked " I have been to a farewell party for some friends going on a cruise, but this is the first I have been to for some-one going to jail !!!".

Posted by: Djean on Jun. 22, 2006