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April 19, 2005

Pope Update

Still no pope.

developing . . .

Posted by annika, Apr. 19, 2005 |
Rubric: Pithy and/or Lame Thoughts


Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger of Germany, a longtime guardian of doctrinal orthodoxy, was elected the new pope Tuesday evening in the first conclave of the new millennium. He chose the name Pope Benedict XVI.


Posted by: ccs178 (Chris) on Apr. 19, 2005

oh the irony of it all.
filing comments on the papacy in "pithy and/or lame thoughts".
annie....annie.....your anti-catholicism is showing.
this is simply great.
we elect a german pope on the same day of the anniversary of the oklahoma city bombing and the day before adofh fucking hilters birthdate.
simply great.
the only thing as dumb is yassar fucking arafat dying on Veteran's Day.
simply better.
i was watching the chimney cam on vatican tv when all the hoopla started.
then right on cue....it started to rain.
then the vatcian's web servers overloaded and i couldn't even get back on to get bumped off again.
i missed the first blessing.

Posted by: louielouie on Apr. 19, 2005

louielouie, you forgot to mention that in 1981 on today's date, the Rochester Red Wings (with some third baseman named Cal Ripken, Jr.) played the Pawtucket Red Sox, tied 2-2 through 32 innings, until play was suspended at something like 4AM.

Lots o' things happened on this date, some of them important, most of them not indicative of some massive conspiracy.

Posted by: Victor on Apr. 19, 2005

i'm not anti-catholic. Far from it. i'm a staunch, if not entirely devout catholic, who's ecstatic about the new pope.

Posted by: annika on Apr. 19, 2005

Asked for his thoughts on the selection of the new Pope, the Rev. Thomas Reese, Editor of The Jesuit weekly (America) responded: "He could be a wedge rether than a uniter for the church." Well, I'm not a catholic, but it seems to me that after 2000 years of established church doctrin, it is the liberal Catholics who are the wedge. They might consider a church split. Then then they could select their own Pope, say.. John Kerry, or maybe his wife Theresa.

Posted by: Notashamed on Apr. 19, 2005

Everybody knows the Jesuits barely believe in God these days. Way too liberal.

Posted by: annie on Apr. 19, 2005