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April 19, 2005

Pope Update

White smoke.

Got pope.

developing . . .

Seriously, it's kind of exciting. i hope it's the German.

Update to the update: Note to the non-Catholic, but curious: If you thought the conclave was exciting, wait until you see our convlex!

Posted by annika, Apr. 19, 2005 |
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See my comment in the previous update. :)

Posted by: ccs178 (Chris) on Apr. 19, 2005

It's the German...Cardinal Rat-whocareswhattherestis?

Posted by: Victor on Apr. 19, 2005


Posted by: shelly on Apr. 19, 2005

Let's see: "Put a gun in the hands of a German and he turns towards France".

I wonder what happens when you put a bible in his hand?

Posted by: shelly on Apr. 19, 2005

What if there were some "irregularities"? Has every vote been counted? Where is the paper trail?

Posted by: d-rod on Apr. 19, 2005

He's old. I've got at least one more shot at it. Seriously, here's hoping he has the stamina to un-do some of the damage that's been done by the abuse scandal.

Posted by: Mark on Apr. 19, 2005

The AP already has a "story" out on the wires about how the Third World is "disapointed" with the selection. In keeping with the AP's rigorous journalistic standards, the reporter went out and found a couple of people who would have prefered a person from Latin America or Africa and then ran the story as if there was some sort of general disconent. The MSM just really sucks....

If you want to see somebody really pissing his pants over the selection, go check out Andrew Sullivan's site......was he expecting a pro-gay Pope?!

Posted by: Blu on Apr. 19, 2005