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April 10, 2005

Overheard While Surfing Past The Local Public Access TV Channel


Bimbo Interview Chick: "Kay you guys, so who do you think is like your greatest musical influence?"

Teenage Hipster Band Member: "I guess Led Zeppelin." (Pointing to the Led Zeppelin t-shirt he is wearing.) "Yeah, Led Zeppelin."

Bimbo Interview Chick: "Kay, Led Zeppelin. And why do you think he is such a big influence on you?"


Posted by annika, Apr. 10, 2005 |
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I bet they couldn't spell Led Zeppelin w/out the shirt. But yes they do seem to be letting any ol' monkey w/ makeup have a tv show these days. wonder what that makes me...

Posted by: Scof on Apr. 11, 2005

It's like when David Gilmore and Roger Waters were asked...
"Alright, which one of you is Pink?"

Posted by: Kin on Apr. 11, 2005

I love it when he and Floyd played that gig together, those two guys are kool .....

Posted by: Frisbeedude on Apr. 11, 2005

i was going to say something about the "champaign lady".........
ah hell never mind.......

Posted by: louielouie on Apr. 11, 2005


Posted by: Matt on Apr. 11, 2005

It's the led.

Posted by: Casca on Apr. 11, 2005

Back when I was a kid, we had a guy named Led and a guy named Pink. In the next generation, we just had a black guy named Hootie. Dang kids.

Posted by: Ontario Emperor on Apr. 11, 2005