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September 17, 2004

Stupid And Ironic Comment Of The Week*

What do herpes, hurricanes**, crabgrass, Carrot Top, and commenter Robert McLelland have in common?

Nobody wants them, nobody likes them, they keep coming back, and they just . . . won't . . . fucking . . . go . . . away.

Usually i either delete McLelland's shit, or i fuck with it by translating it into French, then into German, then back into English and leave it there. Strangely, i find his comments make more sense after the Google translator has shredded them.

But Little Mac's latest comment, under my Fat Ollie Willis post, is going to stay right where it is, unaltered, (except for his link, which i deleted).

The comment is so deliciously ironic, i want everyone to see how Bush haters think:

Reich Whingers will do anything to get Dear Leader facsist re-selected to office for four more wars. . . .

ps. Don't think because I'm Canadian that I won't influence this election. I have absentee ballots from New York, Michigan and Florida from three different identities. On each I will loudly vote for John Fitzgerald Kerry (unless I decide to write in Osama). [emphasis mine]

i wonder if Mac is familiar with the psychological term "projection." Or maybe he's too dense to be aware of it.

i think this little anecdote is a perfect illustration of the message behind Professor Hugh Hewitt's excellent book: If It's Not Close, They Can't Cheat: Crushing the Democrats in Every Election and Why Your Life Depends on It


* No, i don't plan to make this a regular blog feature.
** of both the meteorological and football variety.

Posted by annika, Sep. 17, 2004 |
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Annika, I suggest that you send his IP Address, e-mail, and other information to the FBI suggesting they investigate him for possible voter fraud.

Posted by: lawguy on Sep. 17, 2004

It's amazing to me that a human being took time out of their life to write that where at most .000000001% of humanity will see it. That's why need to get rid of democracy and establish rule by a council of philosopher kings (pks, or pricks). They can serve 4 year terms and the whole thing can be made into a reality show. Boy I can't wait for the episode where the slut prick tries to sleep with the hot all-american prick, who's in limbo because he's not sure if he can justify breaking up with his wife back home just for delicious poonany. And the gay prick will lament that he's lonely and he'll sit with all the girl pricks and have a heart-to-heart about it all. And they will all say "like" alot. It will get unbelievably high ratings because it is such an enjoyable way to commit collective suicide.

Posted by: Scof on Sep. 17, 2004

Isn't Kerry's middle name Forbes, not Fitzgerald?

Posted by: Lori on Sep. 18, 2004

Annika, why bother with these dopes?

It is not possible to deal with irrational people, and anyone who does not understand that the only way to fight terrorism is to hunt it down and kill it whereever it lives seems pretty irrational to me. Otherwise, we wait for them to come and get us.

It is no accident that we have been relatively free from futher incidents in the U.S.A. They are too busy hiding and covering up their sorry butts to launch anything like 911. Is that too hard to understand?

No one likes war, but there are times when it simply has to happen and to not support our present policy seems alien to me, and apparently enough others to have GWB be at least 5 or 6 points up right now.

I am one of those who believes the margin will widen, despite all evidence that it always seems to narrow at the end. If I'm right, the Democratic Party risks becoming the permanent minority.

I guess we'll know in November, but the guys in Vegas have Bush at 2 to 1 right now. They are seldom wrong.

Posted by: shelly s. on Sep. 18, 2004

He is not worthy.

Posted by: Casca on Sep. 18, 2004

you cant handel mclelind because he hands you your nazi ass every post!

kerry will win 35 stats and dc!

Posted by: Um Yeah on Sep. 19, 2004

Hi Shelly,

I think the reason the North Koreans have not nukked us is because we depolyed the ABM system in Alaska. I think the Martians have stayed away as well because the two rovers are putting cameras on them.

Posted by: mike on Sep. 19, 2004

Actually, the North Koreans haven't nuked us yet because we have more nukes than them and a better military while they have a pissant-sized country that would probably only require a couple nukes to make their territory uninhabitable for thousands of years.

The ABM system wasn't meant to be a deterrent to war, but as a potential response to a war that has already begun.

Posted by: reagan80 on Sep. 19, 2004

Hi Ray gun,

Irony, Ray, Irony. I know why they have not sent a rocket, that could not reach us, at us.

ShellyS is convinced there were no terror attacks in the US because of the "war on Terror". You are a bright guy Ray, why don't you explain "proving a negative" to her.

Posted by: mike on Sep. 19, 2004

"kerry will win 35 stats and dc!"

All 35 stats will probably be from the Red Sox's 1946 box scores, however.

I'll believe D.C., though; people who'd elect Marion Berry a city councillor will vote for anybody.

Posted by: John "Akatukami" Braue on Sep. 19, 2004

Middle name definitely Forbes.

You and I agree about so little, Annika -- but we both hate the Miami Hurricanes, and the fact that Hurricane Ivan forces Cal to play after the Big Game.

Go Bears Go!

Posted by: Hugo on Sep. 19, 2004

Mike, small, bitter and stupid is no way to go through life.

Posted by: Radical Redneck on Sep. 20, 2004

I know why they have not sent a rocket, that could not reach us, at us.

Um, what?

We should not forget that we have PLENTY of US military installations ALL OVER the freaking PacRim.

Posted by: Amy on Sep. 20, 2004

we've got a psycho of our own now, too. i feel your pain.

Posted by: candace on Sep. 21, 2004