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September 20, 2004

Gimme A Quick Pick, Cash Value

Quickly, tonights game, Vikings at Eagles, McNabb and Owens vs. Culpepper and Moss, blah blah blah. The difference for me is Westbrook over Onterrio Smith, though the Vikings might have a better run defense. Spread is Eagles minus three. i think the Eagles will cover, go with Philly.

Update: Eagles over Minnesota, 27-16. Moss and Owens were roughly even in effectiveness. But Brian Westbrook rushed for 69 yards and caught for 69, including several big plays. Whereas Onterrio Smith only had 28 yards rushing.

Go ahead and say it: i fucking rock!

Update 2: Oops, i just checked out this weeks results for the Blogger's Bowl fantasy football league. My opponent this week is Victor's Rats of Chaos (what is it with that boy and rats?), and while i currently lead him by a hefty margin, Yahoo has not yet updated the stats and he has four Philly players on his team. He's predicting an additional 60 points based on McNabb and company's performance tonight.

As Charlie Brown would say: "Rats!"

Posted by annika, Sep. 20, 2004 |
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Posted by: Dex on Sep. 20, 2004

Go Rats!

Posted by: Victor on Sep. 20, 2004

69/69? &you more than covered your spread (all'n 1 nite?).

You're awesome!

Posted by: d-rod on Sep. 20, 2004

With all this talk of 69 and the spread, maybe this post should be filed under the "sex please" rubric.

Posted by: annika! on Sep. 20, 2004

I wuz wrong, annika. My boys put up 74 points! Go Rats!

You may take some consolation in the fact I'm now in second place in Blogger Bowl 2004, by ten points, but this season is *far* from over.

Posted by: Victor on Sep. 21, 2004