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February 29, 2004

Just Call Me Mr. No Credibility

Congratulations on the Oscar, Mr. No Credibility.

A chill wind is blowing in this nation. A message is being sent through the White House and its allies in talk radio and Clear Channel and Cooperstown. If you oppose this administration, there can and will be ramifications.


Every day, the air waves are filled with warnings, veiled and unveiled threats, spewed invective and hatred directed at any voice of dissent. And the public, like so many relatives and friends that I saw this weekend, sit in mute opposition and fear.

Uhhh, yah.

(Somebody in the VRWC musta fucked up.)

Posted by annika, Feb. 29, 2004 |
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Well I was surprised he didn't say anything political in his speech...unlike the "rabbit hole" guy. *jackass*

Posted by: Scof on Feb. 29, 2004

Sure can tell there are a bunch of folks sitting around mute. None of them seemed to attend the Awards tonight, however.

It must be Hell not sleeping in the Lincoln Bedroom anymore, no State Dinners, damn, no more rides on Air Force One.

Have these idots forgotten who began the war in Viet Nam? Have they forgotten 9/11/01? What world do they live in? Certainly not the real one.

America is under attack, and if they think these folks are going to just go away, it is scary to imaging what America will suffer if they are ever running the country again.

Thank goodness for the fly over states; if America was just its coastal states, we'd all be defending our homes right now instead of watching a bunch of spoiled brats defiling true leadership and reality. It was Lenin who first used the term "Useful Idiots"; boy did he ever nail these well meaning but vapid folks. I like the Elvis' great line when asked about Viet Nam (or was it Korea?) "Ma'am, I'm just an entertainer". Where is Elvis when we need him?

Posted by: Shelly S. on Feb. 29, 2004

At least Michael Moore got stomped by an oliphaunt; it was enough to make up for the surprisingly small number of leftist throwaway lines scattered throughout.

I now have more respect for Tim Robbins than for Sean Penn. Not that that's saying practically anything.

Posted by: Dave J on Feb. 29, 2004

Pen is a low IQ idiot. Robins is a high IQ idiot.

Elvis was more than just an entertainer. He was (some say still is) a Special Agent at Large for the US Government.

Posted by: annika! on Feb. 29, 2004

If there's one thing all Bloggers know, besides hollywood lefties are asshats, is that all hollywood lefties are fucked up.

Posted by: tom on Mar. 1, 2004

Yeah, the VWRC f'ed up. We'll get right on it. I, personally, will make sure his next movie tanks at the box office.

(I mean, seriously, how hard is that gonna be? He's not in Spider-Man 2 or anything, is he?)

Posted by: Gib on Mar. 1, 2004

Politics aside, that is just such an odd-looking picture. Is Sean Penn a Hobbit or Tim Robbins a giant? Or both?

Posted by: Dave J on Mar. 1, 2004

Did you see the trailer for Spiderman 2 yet? Kooowel!

Posted by: annika! on Mar. 1, 2004

Actors tend to be little guys. Maybe the feelings of inadequacy are what drive them into acting. Anyway, Robbins is probably about 5'10", and Penn is probably about 5'2". (Truth be told, Robbins is allegedly 6'4"--but knowing the way actors tend toward self-aggrandizement, he's probably more like 6'1" or 6'2".)

Posted by: Matt on Mar. 1, 2004

Robbins was under the delusion that he could talk from his ass and that no one was just as entitled to (a) ignore him, or (b) disagree with him loudly.

They might as well say "How dare you disagree with my perfectly correct positions on so and so?"

Posted by: mark on Mar. 2, 2004

Actually, Tim Robbins is about 6'4". He, along with Clint Eastwood, Charlton Heston, and a handful of others, are among the legitimately tall actors out there.

Posted by: Scipioi on Mar. 2, 2004