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July 28, 2006

Who Wants to be a Super Hero?

I bet I'm the only one here who watched (most of) it. I would have watched all of it, but thunderstorms rolled through the area and I lost the satellite signal for about ten minutes. Despite that, I had more fun last night than you did, unless you got some.

Truly, the show was a lot of fun. So what if it's another unreal reality show? Dress up as a Super Hero, get judged by Stan Lee, and if you win you'll be featured in your own Marvel comic book and SciFi channel movie. Why not? It beats the hell out of eating squid testicles for $10 grand anyday. Had I known about it, I would've given some consideration to trying out for it.

No need to recap the entire show; you can get better detail at the SciFi channel site. But I can discuss winners and losers.

Gonna be Among the First Six Booted
Not counting Levity (booted in the first ten minutes for being greedy not pure of heart), but counting Nitro G (booted at the end for changing into his costume in full view of everyone and not saving the crying girl), my picks for four of the next five to be booted are:
Tyveculus: Boring and forgettable. Cool costume, though.
Monkey Woman: Cries too much. Doesn't look anything like Raquel Welch in her fur bikini.
Creature: Annoying as all hell. Eats only raw food. Failed the purity test.
Lemuria: Boring. Might last a bit longer than I hope she does, because she always looks like she's going to fall out of her costume, if you catch my drift, and Stan Lee looks like a dirty old man. Also, she was one of the four to pass all tests. Such acuity might extend her life.

Most Likely to Make the Final Three
Major Victory: Has the right look. That is, it's embarrasing for normal people, but would look great in a comic book. Passed all tests last night. Has the schtick down pat and is fast with the Super Hero Quip: When the Iron Enforcer announced his weapon could do anything, Major Victory immediately asked, "Will it caulk a bathroom?"
Fat Momma: My personal favorite, and she'd be yours, too, if you watched. I mean, she's fat! She's a momma! She's saving the world one doughnut at a time! Plus, she already has an annoying theme song that's been going thru my head for hours: Fat Momma! Fat Momma! / I'm here to save the day! / Fat Momma! Fat Momma! / I'll take your food away! Like Major Victory, she passed all tests last night. Best Super Hero Line of the night: When saving the little girl, she told her not to worry, because, "Fat Momma's here!"
Cell Phone Girl: The last of the four to pass all tests. Has a great backstory, attitude, and personality. Don't think she'll win, but I think she'll go far. Best Super-Hero Action of the night: When she started helping the girl, she immediately reached for her cell phone. I thought she was going to dial 9-1-1, which would have been absolutely hilarious.

Dark Horse
The Iron Enforcer: Despite failing the Purity Test and the Rescue-The-Little-Girl test, I think he might make a serious run at the end. He looks like a Super Hero (Yes, ladies, he has the bod for it. Tough helmet, though.). He's always posing like a Super Hero. He's always in character. If he gets his act together and stops failing tests, he may well go far.

Who Wants to be a Super Hero? is on Thursdays at 9PM on SciFi. Don't miss it.

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You really need to get a life.

Posted by: Casca on Jul. 28, 2006

Muhammed is a superhero now....or not.


Posted by: reagan80 on Jul. 28, 2006

You might've been the only viewer. I had a date with a treadmill at the gym.

Posted by: MarkD on Jul. 28, 2006

I cannot believe I forgot to TiVo this.

Posted by: Leif on Jul. 28, 2006

I concure on all points. I think its a no brainer for Major Victory however. He's the complete package Fat Momma? She'll be a sidekick no better (from Sky High).


PS loved the thing on the protesters at the white house. I remember during the 80's those people were there 24x7 and at some point the police made them take the displays down at night.

Posted by: Drake Steel on Jul. 29, 2006

I think "Major Victory" probaly will make it to the top, But "Fat Momma", No way, Not after the way she acted towards the others after "Tyveculus"got Booted. Can anybody tell me what did to get Booted?, I tuned in just as she was turning in her costume.....

Posted by: Dee on Aug. 12, 2006

What did Monkey Woman do to get booted? What was a she Dishonest about?

Posted by: Dee on Aug. 12, 2006