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July 27, 2006


Tony Joe White is a southern blues/rock singer who is pretty much known for only one song. It's a cool song, and the album it's taken from, Black and White fuckin' rocks and I highly recommend it should you see it somewhere--you won't be disappointed.

The fact the young Tony Joe White resembles a rather young Joe Don Baker doesn't influence me at all. Really. (I should mention that these days, TJW resembles Don Imus, while JDB resembles the Sta-Puft Marshmallow Man, just in case you were wondering.)

In this YouTube video, he and Johnny Cash perform Poke Salad Annie. You won't regret clicking on the PLAY button.

By contrast, I offer one of the Cr.T.O.T.I.O.T.D. (Crappiest Thing on the Internets of the Day) for your viewing--whatever. In this clip from Soul Train, Joe Tex has a bad experience on the dance floor. Enjoy the disco ball, funky dancing, bad lip-synching, and massive amounts of polyester...or don't.

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Rubric: C.T.O.T.I.O.T.D.


Amen brother. Poke Salad is part of the sound track of my mis-spent youth. I always say, if your gonna go with only one thing, go with it all the way. Tony Joe is clearly workin' it hard.

Posted by: Pursuit on Jul. 27, 2006

That voice just doesn't fit the face. But I do love that song.

Uh, I'm talking about Polk Salad Annie, not the disco...

Posted by: Ted on Jul. 28, 2006