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July 13, 2005

Horrible News That Didn't Make The Headlines

If not for Michele's A Small Victory, i might never have heard about this horrible crime, which happened yesterday.

At least 22 schoolchildren have reportedly been shot dead in a brutal raid on a remote village in northeastern Kenya.

A total of 66 were killed in what is believed to be the country's worst-ever single episode of inter-clan violence, a local politician said.

Bonaya Godana, the member of parliament for North Horr district in which the attack took place, said that 56 villagers, most of them young children and their mothers, had been killed in yesterday's raid on Turbi village.

Police said earlier that 10 of the attackers had also been killed.

Mr Godana, a former Kenyan foreign minister who was touring the scene of the brutal attack, said many of the victims had been shot dead while preparing to go to school.

'As of this morning, 56 of our people have been confirmed dead and of them are 22 schoolchildren, and most of them died in their school uniforms,' he said, adding that 10 schoolchildren were among those seriously wounded in the attack.

'The majority of the dead are mothers and their children,' Mr Godana said. 'Three other people are still missing and we suspect that they are dead.'

i don't get it. Do the elites care about Africa or don't they. Why wasn't this the lead on every newscast? Twenty-two schoolkids still wearing their uniforms?

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/Sarcasm on.

Someone call Bob Geldolf. Let's have another concert.

/Sarcasm off.

I think this story illustrates my complete lack of faith that anything good will come from the African continent anytime soon, no matter how much charity or sympathy we toss toward the gigantic sinkhole it has become.

The refusal (or ignorance) of the population, corrupt leaders, and a story like this, continue to reinforce my belief that the Africa will never move into the present and will continually be left behind by the rest of the world. Pretty sad.

Posted by: K in Dallas on Jul. 13, 2005

Elites care about Africa insofar as they can feel good about themselves in proposing "solutions" to Africa's problems. Whether those "solutions" actually work or not is not exactly their concern.

Posted by: Mark on Jul. 13, 2005

And who, exactly, are the elites of which you speak?

Posted by: Elroy on Jul. 14, 2005

terrible thing.

no one will hear about it, however.

it didn't happen in Aruba...

Posted by: jcrue on Jul. 14, 2005