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July 13, 2005

Poetry Day Update

i will be pretty busy today, so Poetry Wednesday will be posted later today.

Meanwhile, check out some of the great blogs on my sidebar. Like Little Miss Attila, who wrote something recently that i can totally relate to:

as I tick down the list of things I'm interested in: cars, trains, guns, military strategy. Motorcycles.

I'm clearly not a middle-aged woman, but rather a 16-year-old boy trapped in a middle-aged female body.

i hear ya, girl. My list includes airplanes, military history, sports, action movies, and science fiction. i should have been a boy.

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We are opposite images of each other, Annie. I love airplanes, but not military ones. (I read Airliner magazine, because I'm fascinated with airlines and airports, not jet fighters). I love sports, but tend to be drawn most to cycling, running, stuff like that. And I love cute little animals and have never ridden motorcycle.

Little Miss Attila is one of the few other conservatives I read.

Posted by: Hugo on Jul. 13, 2005

No, no, no to boyhood. God intended that ass as a gift to man.

Posted by: gcotharn on Jul. 13, 2005

Liar. You're over at Manolo's drooling over these.

Posted by: Victor on Jul. 13, 2005

Just wondering...have many people attempted to dissuade you from pursuing these interests because of your gender?

Posted by: David Foster on Jul. 13, 2005

Good question David. i would say nobody. i got my love for sports science and airplanes from my dad. My love for action movies from my bro. and i got interested in military history thanks to some really good teachers in high school and sixth grade.

Posted by: annika on Jul. 13, 2005

I wondered, but was afraid to ask her what Attila the Hub thinks of the possibility of being married to a 16 year old boy.

Posted by: Desert Cat on Jul. 13, 2005

HEH! my wife has all the same interests, except that she also collects porcelain fairies.

Posted by: Kyle on Jul. 14, 2005

Kyle, I never thought of you as porcelin.

Posted by: Casca on Jul. 14, 2005