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May 13, 2007

Things To Miss About Sacramento

[an Annika's Journal list]

As Dorothy said to the scarecrow, I think I'll miss them the most.

Things I won't miss:

  • Stupid traffic on every single freeway
  • Stupid one way streets that make no sense
  • Stupid unnecessary and counterproductive car-pool lanes
  • K Steet
  • The Kings
  • The mosquito

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Not the bar at Dawson's? Or, Frank Fats' place for good Chinese food? Or the Capitol all lit up at night? Or the serenity of South Park while the rascals create chaos just yards away?

The Kings? The River Cats?

Welcome back to LA County...

Posted by: shelly on May. 13, 2007

We were a better city for having ya, Annika! :-)

Posted by: blu on May. 13, 2007

Just once, I want somebody to explain to me how shoving more cars into less lanes, which is what adding car-pool lanes does, makes any fucking sense. The crazy car-pool, eco-fascists assure us all that "more people will use car-pool lanes if they are built." To which I say: bullshit! Doesn't happen. It just causes more road rage and make me personally risk the $300 ticket for driving in it from 3 - 7 PM since it's the only fucking lane where traffic is actually moving.

Posted by: blu on May. 13, 2007

It's part of the Algore/Democratic Party scheme to help the Global Warming problem that has not been proven to be true as yet. Less cars means less Global Warming (MAYBE). It's an "Inconvenient Truth". Get it?

If you like carpool lanes, be sure to vote the straight Democratic ticket in November.

Posted by: shelly on May. 13, 2007

Annika, this might be a strange read, but I have just GOT to tell you that you were in a very long and weird dream I had last night.

You had been in an auto accident with a flying dinosaur, and you were in the hospital in a coma. I went in to see you, and noticed drool running down your neck. So, as I repositioned you so that it would run out on the floor, I accidentally squeezed one of your tits, AND YOU MOANED!

I ran out into the corridor, right into your doctor, and told him what had happened. He told me to go back in and squeeze the other one, and let him know what happened. So, I did, AND YOU MOANED AGAIN!

I ran back out and told the doc what happened, and he told me to go back in and try oral sex. So, I did. After a few minutes, I ran back out to the doc in a panic to tell him that you were dead. He asked me, "What happened?" And I had to tell him. You choked.

Then you walked across the lake on the water with the flying dinosaur.

Posted by: Casca on May. 13, 2007

That was just plain wrong.

Posted by: blu on May. 13, 2007

the first time i heard that joke i laughed so hard i fell off my dinosaur!

Posted by: annika on May. 13, 2007

Way to go, Annie!!! That's telling the old pervert refugee from Columbus.

Besides which, the old fart violated his basic rule about two paragraphs.

Posted by: shelly on May. 14, 2007

Wait, wait, don't stop me if you've heard this.

Posted by: Casca on May. 14, 2007

LMFAO! That was a hilarious dream, Casca!

Posted by: reagan80 on May. 14, 2007

Cas, did you get your meds today yet? Better take 'em before you hop on your Nazi two wheeler.

You are in no condition to drive

Posted by: shelly on May. 14, 2007

I've found getting BJ's from comatose chicks highly overrated. It gets old after a dozen or so times.

Posted by: Radical Redneck on May. 14, 2007

Y'know Red, that's exactly what Andrew Luster said before he took off for Mexico...

Now he's giving, rather than getting...well, at least some of the time.


Posted by: shelly on May. 14, 2007

Heh now, poor Andrew Luster. Convicted of drugging women who had voluntarily drugged themselves. Probably a closet nechrophiliac.

Posted by: Casca on May. 14, 2007

Like I said, Andrew is likely learning about sex in an entirely different way than he had earlier planned.

I sure he is making a lot of guys very happy; they love cute little guys like him in Q.

Posted by: shelly on May. 14, 2007

Speaking of necrophilia!

Posted by: Radical Redneck on May. 14, 2007

Rad, you are fucking hilarious.

Posted by: Casca on May. 15, 2007

While tracing my ancestry I took some time and traced Straw's too.

No charge buddy. My pleasure!

Posted by: Radical Redneck on May. 16, 2007


How do you trace a shitstain? Is there a special DNA test, or does one just use the standard one?

Guys, I'm starting to read Six Meat Buffet; it ain't Annika, but it is amusing. Maybe we all move there and dump the shitstain?

Posted by: shelly on May. 16, 2007