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May 05, 2007

Weather Underground

Forget the Yahoo weather site, which is really just the Weather Channel's site, which sucks. The most comprehensive internet source for all your weather related needs is Weather Underground, which I have just bookmarked under my "references" tab. It has complete and searchable almanac information too, for you global warming junkies.

No, I'm not a total geek. But I am the daughter of a former Navy Aerographer's Mate.

On a slightly related note, I want you all to know my electrical usage has decreased compared to last year's kWh for two months in a row! And I haven't even been trying. Of course that might be because last year I tended to forget to turn off the air when leaving the house. Now, I have a Puerto Rican butler who will do that for me.

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There is nothing that brings out apathy in me more than the subject of Global Warming. I'd rather worry about Nuclear Winter, instead.

Anyway, congratulations on snagging the "butler", Annie. You guys look like such a nice couple.

Posted by: reagan80 on May. 5, 2007

I wonder if there's some way we could harness the power of hamsters in their wheels. I think it's on page 85 in Algore's book. My dad is a retired Navy chaplain and I thought I'd heard every Navy job title there was but I don't remember hearing that one! Must have to have a good mind for detail.

Posted by: Joules on May. 5, 2007

I'm glad that pops turned back to women after he was done being an Aerographer's Mate. I guess mom is too. I'm also gratified to see that you've found a man who knows his homefire duties, i.e. turning off everything left unattended/in use, and keeping the hooch from burning to the ground.

Posted by: Casca on May. 5, 2007

Been a fan of weatherunderground for many years now. See pics from my deck at http://www.weatherunderground.com/wximage/imagesearch.html?citybox=on&city=Paeonian_Springs&statebox=on&state=VA&submit=go

Good to hear you are doing your part on the conservation front (setback thermostats are very common now, btw).

Posted by: will on May. 7, 2007

I always wondered where the Wizard of Oz landed!

Posted by: annika on May. 7, 2007

"No, I'm not a total geek..."

True, but when you're in the high 90's, you just accept, ya know.    ;)  C'mon... embrace the geekdom!

"Now, I have a Puerto Rican butler..."

... and for a brief moment, I had a quick visualization of Agador Spartacus. Luckily, I clicked the link.

Posted by: ElMondoHummus on May. 7, 2007

I hear ya Reagan! Now that it's warm I'll be wearing my "Fuck Recycling - Just Make More" shirt all the time. I love it! It just dares the moonbats to say something - then die!

I'll make up a few more, of different colors, for the other days of the week.

Over/under on when the journaljizzmers finally reveal the I-Slamic names of the Jersey terrorists? Were they caught with international terrorist surveillance? No wonder Straw and his fellow travelers hate it so much.

Posted by: Radical Redneck on May. 8, 2007

I just can't look at that tornado link. I could not believe the reporter on NPR asking the governor if there was any human error involved in the enormous damage. Yes, as soon as they heard the sirens, the residents jumped into their bulldozers and leveled about a third of their town before the tornado hit, assuming it was going to be destroyed anyway.

Posted by: Joules on May. 8, 2007

Is that the home page of the Weathermen?

Posted by: Mark on May. 8, 2007

"You don't need a Weatherman to know which way the wind blows."

Posted by: annika on May. 8, 2007

only weather site you'll ever need: doineedajacket.com

Posted by: francis on May. 8, 2007