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April 27, 2007

Annika's Journal Farewell Tour, Part IV: Searches, We Got Searches

I've seen lots of bloggers post their search terms for a laugh, but I've never done it. Until now.

Here are some of the most recent Google searches that brought people here, according to my Sitemeter.

  • hot tub girl

  • jessica alba feet (from Italian Google)

  • imus & andy joke

  • nancy sun, naked

  • cher 2007

  • crazy subaru

  • strappy shoes (from British Google)

  • fortune cookie

  • favorite flowers of marie antoinette

  • brittany goes

  • hot nude blondes videos (which took them here, to a post I called "Hardball Hardon")

  • sexy naked (which took them, coincidentally, to the same post)

  • hot naked stuff (you guessed it, same post)

  • brad p (which yielded this bit of comedy)

  • rosie o'donald coors beer (ha! they misspelled it like I do!)

  • ugly bird (which led hilariously, to this picture)

  • lindsay lohan's email- address (lol, I'll never be rid of 'em)

  • ugly fucking bird (haha! love the emphasis)

  • how to make a dna model

  • pregnant babes (an image search, which led to who else? Brittany)

  • kirsten dunst being beheaded in marie antoinette

  • sarah james is a fashion designer even though shes a poet and she dont know cuz her toes show it cuz theyre longfellows:-
That last one is inexplicably strange, but true.

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Maybe they were looking for me. Ever thought of that?

Posted by: Casca on Apr. 28, 2007

Hot tub girl???

jessica alba feet???

Good gawd...

Posted by: ElMondoHummus on Apr. 30, 2007