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April 15, 2007


I seriously don't know how people did their taxes before Turbotax.

More: Carlos Mencia explains why we need taxes.

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I'll second that, having used it for the first time this year. Is anyone else as annoyed as I am by the sheer amount of time this convoluted tax code costs us? The calculation to decide whether to take a credit or deduction for tuition is longer than most of the returns I filed.

Something is wrong when we need to buy a program or see a professional just to figure out how much we need to pay. The law should force Congress to do their own taxes without assistance.

Posted by: MarkD on Apr. 16, 2007

It's kinda tough being a tax lawyer and a small-government conservative at the same time. If it weren't for democrats, I'd actually have to do something productive for a living. Scary.

Posted by: taxlawmax on Apr. 16, 2007

Over/under on when the enabling media finaly release the inevitably I-slamic name of the Va Tech mass murderer?

Posted by: Radical Redneck on Apr. 16, 2007

Can't get onto Liveleak.com from work. Anybody catch the injured student's description of the shooter?

Posted by: taxlawmax on Apr. 16, 2007

The only description I've read is this: "Witnesses described him as a man in his 20s, wearing a maroon cap and a black leather jacket."

My favorite line from the MSNBC account of the shootings:

Jamal Albarghouti, a graduate student, said that instead of fleeing, he began shooting video footage on his cell phone.

Im from the Middle East, so Im not used to this sort of thing, but Ive been in similar situations, Albarghouti told MSNBC-TV.

Is it just me, or did he manage to squeeze two non sequiturs into a single sentence?

I saw Mencia last night. Got a laugh from that segment, but his underlying premise is wrong: it's not taxes that distinguish this country from a Third World shithole. It's private industry, not government, that creates wealth.

Posted by: Matt on Apr. 16, 2007

"I seriously don't know how people did their taxes before Turbotax."


Posted by: Mark on Apr. 18, 2007