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March 30, 2007

Key Quotes From VDH Column

Here are two key quotes from today's Victor Davis Hanson column at NRO.

Confrontation can be avoided through capitulation, and no Western nation is willing to insist that Iran adhere to any norms of behavior.

. . .

Why put European ships or planes outside of European territorial waters when that will only guarantee a crisis in which Europeans are kidnapped and held as hostages or used as bargaining chips to force political concessions?

Indeed. Why do the Europeans bother pretending that they have any spine at all?

Royal Marines don't apologize. Not willingly. But so what? They don't need to, eventually their government apologizes for them.

What we need here is not "de-escalation" rhetoric. The Iranians are playing the same hand they played in '79, because they know it works. Somebody needs to look them in the eye and say "not this time." But nobody is willing to do it. And so if nobody has the guts, why bother pretending? They should all just go home.

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Exactly. Well said by both VDH and Annika. The left-wing jibberish spouted by the Euros places them in a tough position when the barbarians start acting out. These effete appeasers don't know what to do if pandering and blaming the Jews doesn't work. (Actually, at some point, I'm sure the "Palestinian Issue" will somehow be weaved into the Iranian demands.)

Posted by: blu on Mar. 30, 2007

Iran has declining oil output and is facing bankruptcy. Every time they create an incident oil shoots up from $55 a barrel to $70 a barrel.

In effect the West pays Iran to raise hell, and Iran will continue to do so to keep oil prices up.

Posted by: Jake on Mar. 30, 2007

We're not at the endgame yet. Let's see what happens. If nothing has been done after a couple more weeks, I'll have to agree with you. It takes time to arrange something big, and this is a great opportunity to hit their nuke sites, along with their navy.

Posted by: Casca on Mar. 30, 2007