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January 10, 2007

Scorpions On A Plane

In case you hadn't heard this story:

Sullivan, a 46-year-old builder from Stowe, was aboard the United Airlines flight on the second leg of his trip home from San Francisco, where he and his wife Helena had been visiting their sons. He awoke from a nap shortly before landing and noticed something strange.

"My right leg felt like it was asleep, but that was isolated to one spot, and it felt like it was being jabbed with a sharp piece of plastic or something."

The second sting came after the plane had landed and the Sullivans were waiting for their bags at the luggage carousel. Sullivan rolled up his cuff to investigate, and the scorpion fell out.

"It felt like a shock, a tingly thing. Someone screamed, 'It's a scorpion,'" Sullivan recalled. Another passenger stepped on the two-inch arachnid, and someone suggested Sullivan seek medical help.

He scooped up the scorpion and headed to the hospital in Burlington. His wife stopped at the United counter and was told the plane they were on had flown from Houston to Chicago. The Sullivans surmised the scorpion boarded in Texas.

"The airlines tell you can't bring water or shampoo on a plane," Helena Sullivan said. But the scorpion did make it aboard, she said.

That's right, scorpions on a muhfukkin plane!

In other Samuel L. Jackson related news, check out this awesome t-shirt.

t-shirt recommendation via Dawn.

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I was once flying first class on Southwest (That means I boarded in the "A" group after fifteen women with babies, and 78 senior citizens too lazy to walk.) on a flight from SAN to OAKtown, when a two-inch cockroach crawled across the aisle. I immediately stomped him. He was obviously heading home.

Posted by: Casca on Jan. 10, 2007

Say "scorpion" again!

Posted by: The Law Fairy on Jan. 10, 2007

Screw scorpions. Sheep are the real enemy.

This movie proves it:

Posted by: ElMondoHummus on Jan. 10, 2007

My beautiful and loving girlfriend, knowing what a fan I was of Snakes on a Plane, got me Snakes on a Sudoku for Christmas. Every fan of Samuel L. Jackson and/or the annoyingly addicted puzzles should own it.


Posted by: Frank on Jan. 11, 2007