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January 03, 2007

Berkeley News

Check out the Concourse of Hypocrisy.

Full disclosure: my old car gets at least 35 mpg without the benefit of a single bumper sticker.

h/t 6MB.

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They're a collection of loons. Amazing how this collection of the best and brightest uniformly adopt a lunatic orthodoxy, and defend it without question or consequence. Just wait til the revolution my friend. We'll be hanging them up and down the central valley.

Posted by: Casca on Jan. 3, 2007

I don't know how a bright student like Annika can stand being around such dumb asses.

Posted by: Mark on Jan. 4, 2007

Bumper stickers improve fuel efficiency by disrupting the boundary layer, thereby reducing air drag. When you see an apparent moonbat with 20 or more bumper stickers, he is probably actually an aerodynamic engineer who has conducted careful modelling of the best locations for bumper stickers to maximize efficiency.

Posted by: david foster on Jan. 4, 2007

I occasionally see environmentalists driving SUVs with conflicting bumper stickers, though such incidents have been very rare in my experience. Less rare are the environmentalists driving SUVs without bumperstickers.

I'm surprised to see a Honda Civic and a 38 mpg Jetta as part of this collection. Is this all the cars they could manage to photo? These few are not much of a basis for making far-reaching extrapolations.

And no bumper stickers on my Insight (yet).

While we are on the subject, I recommend reading articles by the group "Securing America's Future Energy", made up of former USMC Commandant P.X. Kelley, FedEx CEO Frederick Smith, a former PACOM CINC, former CNO, UPS CEO, and a gaggle of other senior military/CEOs etc. See http://www.secureenergy.org/reports.php

Also see the Council on Foreign Relations recent National Security Consequences of U.S. Oil Dependency.

Posted by: will on Jan. 4, 2007

WTF is it with bumper stickers? I've always said that it takes a really shallow person to reduce an admired philosophy down to a damn bumper sticker. Doesn't matter if it's a topic I agree with or not; pithy one-liner speak may massage the ego, but it does nothing for critical thought.

That said, for simple humor, I've always loved bumper stickers. I'm appalled that I laughed out loud at the "I miss my wife, but my aim's gettin' better" one, but hey... there's lotsa things I don't like about myself. I'm still amused by that one. And I always wanted to make one that said "I outran the Batmobile" and put it on this old, deranged (yes, it had it's own mind) atrocity of a clunker I once owned. It was fast in it's heyday, but when I owned it... hooo boy! Zero to 20 measurable by calendar.

Oh, sorry, main point of the post: Hypocrisy. Well, look who's doing it... it'd almost be contrary to character for those folks to not be hypocritical, since the self-centered pride of owning disapproval, rage, or some other sort of contrarian-ness is much more important to them than actually having logically consistent positions. Or in other words: What'd you expect?

Posted by: elmondohummus on Jan. 4, 2007

"9-11 What Really Happened?" sticker?? (Link to Concourse image)

GRRRRRRRRRRRR...... that really pisses me off!

Hey, Subaru Forester driving moron! See James Randi Educational Foundation, 9-11 Debunker, 9-11 Myths... or maybe YOUR OWN F****** EYES!!!!

Oh... Mr. Forester-driving moron: What really happened? RADICAL TERRORISTS FLEW PLANES INTO BUILDINGS!! Try to avoid Loose Change and 9/11 Blogger for your information, you brainless f***. Oh... try original thinking, too... although if you're one of the "My Life Philosophy Fits On A Bumper Sticker" crowd, you're probably already lost...

GOD!... those folks rile me up so bad... they're the freakin' epitome of bandwagon-jumping, non-critical thinking sheep... and they call us "sheeple"... stupid f****...

Posted by: ElMondoHummus on Jan. 4, 2007


Sheep are sheep whether their wool twirls left or right.

Simplistic reduction of ideas to bumper sticker size is not an attempt by anyone to get a change of attitude from the other side but rather the equivalent of the knowing, finger-lift of a wave practiced by drivers of BMW, Corvette, Porche, etc. as they pass a fellow devotee.

Posted by: strawman on Jan. 4, 2007

Yes, that reminds me; I've seen "Fight Terrorism" and similar vanity plates on SUVs and Corvettes, though they seemed oblivious to the fact they were indirectly funding such.

Posted by: will on Jan. 4, 2007

I love to watch socks talk to each other.

Posted by: Casca on Jan. 4, 2007

Casca continues to piss into the wind...

Posted by: will on Jan. 4, 2007

Whew, I got my laugh for the day--and needed it--autism parenting is not super-relaxing. Reading through the above was better than the Three Stooges (although, I'm a woman who thinks anything is funnier than the Stooges)!

Posted by: Joules on Jan. 4, 2007

David F, that's the Huge Comment Of The Week!

Posted by: annika on Jan. 5, 2007

Stawdog has a Bush Lied bumper sticker on his vesta.

Posted by: kyle8 on Jan. 6, 2007

er Vespa, or what ever they are called.

Posted by: kyle8 on Jan. 6, 2007


Actually I have a much funnier sticker on my vesta.


This one gets far bigger laughs, knowing smiles and enhances true liberal bonding as I drive the streets of Brooklyn.

Posted by: strawman on Jan. 6, 2007

Speaking of Moonbat Mobiles™ I thoroughly PWNED one the other day. I saw some dikey
broad with a weathered Kedwards bumper sticker, along with Hillary and Duval Patrick
(new socialjism friendly governor of MA) stickers on her (what else) Volvo. Righteously
disgusted, I called 911 and said that she was driving erratically and had thrown
a beer can from the car. About 10 miles down the road I saw her pulled over!



Posted by: Radical Redneck on Jan. 6, 2007