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December 02, 2006

Big Hair Video of the Day

Victor here, still wired from watching my beloved Caps roll over one of the top two teams in hockey. Heckuva game and I'm not gonna be able to sleep for a couple of hours. I mean, it's 1:15 in the AM and I was going to go to work in about five hours, but not no more!

Instead, I'll clutter up annika's blog with a big hair video. I give you...The Flirts!

annika will soon begin to regret giving me posting rights.

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Many others already do.

Posted by: Casca on Dec. 2, 2006

wow, that is cheesy. love the outfits! did everybody try to look like sheena easton in the 80's?

Posted by: annika on Dec. 2, 2006

When they first walked out, I thought the one on the right looked like a young, blonde Margaret Thatcher.

Anyway, here's one of the few 80's music videos I remember seeing back when I was a pre-schooler: Genesis - "Land of Confusion".

Those puppets freaked my ass out back then, but, for a video with an anti-Reagan message, it had the opposite effect on me as a kid.

Posted by: reagan80 on Dec. 3, 2006

Its so funny to see old anti-Reagan stuff from the 80's now that we know who was right!!!

Posted by: annika on Dec. 3, 2006

Yes indeed, Annika. The first RoboCop movie is another amusing example of satire containing obsolete prophecies about the "dark legacy" of the Reagan administration.

Skippy once noted:"At several points, Gorbachev had higher approval ratings in the United States than did President Ronald Reagan.

The above paragraph should be a clear demonstration that people didn't just go stupid in the last six years, like you might think."

Posted by: reagan80 on Dec. 3, 2006