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November 20, 2006

In Danish News

You may have seen this already if it's been on Drudge. If not, please note that it is not safe for work because it contains video of hott topless danish blondes.

This is a new advertising campaign to get Danish drivers to slow down while racing around Copenhagen in their rubber band powered euromobiles.

Click here for video.

I love the dude in the turban who says "Denmark has redeemed itself!" Pretty funny. Although I'm not sure what gripe a Sikh might have had with the Danes.

When I was in Copenhagen, I didn't notice a big problem with speeders, at least not in the city center. Actually there's not really a lot of traffic, due to some pretty restrictive laws. Plus, if you get a ticket for speeding, I heard the policeman can collect the money right there.

More info at Zonka's.

h/t to visitor Mike C!

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I'm moving!

Posted by: Scof on Nov. 21, 2006

Great idea, but unfortunately it works short time.

Posted by: Robert on Nov. 23, 2006

"Now Denmark's speed limits are rarely ignored and nearly impossible to miss" :) Tell me about it! I know where I want to immigrate now!

Posted by: AC Javascripts on Nov. 24, 2006

I'm wondering if the girls work on rainy days, they could wear T-shirts then, and have a wet T-shirt bikini-patrol competition.

Posted by: Wrought iron furniture on Nov. 24, 2006