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October 11, 2006

Conspiracy? Or Just Asking Questions?

So a small plane just happened to crash into a high rise residential building on Manhattan's Upper East Side? That's the story the government and the mainstream media have put forth.

I think it's interesting that there are no pictures of the actual plane. Look at the damage to the building. I think it's exactly the type of damage you'd see if it were hit by a missile, not a plane. I'm just saying, these are questions that need to be asked.

Also, what did Alec Baldwin know, and when did he know it?

You might say that there's no indication that this was an inside job, but if so, then what was this helicopter doing at the scene moments after the crash? Notice that there are no markings on the helicopter. Why not. Aren't all such craft required to have visible identification markings? (For instance the Enterprise is clearly marked NCC-1701.) And it's beige. Who paints a helicopter beige unless you're trying not to be noticed?

Also note the disproportionate SWAT team response. Almost as if they were trying to keep people away from the scene of the "accident." What are they trying to hide?

And only two dead? It's as if people were warned not to be in the building today. Certain people. I think you know what I mean. It is the Upper East Side, after all.

Like I said. These are interesting and unanswered questions, but don't expect the powers that be to investigate it properly. I just want to get to the truth, that's all.

Update: Cory Lidle?! I had him on my fantasy team a few years back, he did well for me. So the authorities would have us believe that a major league baseball pitcher piloted this plane into a building? I suppose they'll tell us he was distraught over the Yankees recent DCS loss. Come on! If they're going to concoct a cover narrative, at least make it believable.

Open your eyes America! Demand the truth! Ask questions! Why would a Yankee player be piloting an aircraft so close to Shea Stadium? Wouldn't it make more sense to be flying near the Bronx? Has anyone looked into George Steinbrenner's Middle East holdings? What are his ties to Halliburton? Or the Tri-lateral commission or Skull & Bones? Wake up people!

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The pilot was a NY Yankee pitcher named Cory Lidel.

Apparently he couldn't fly much better than the Yankees could hit.

Posted by: shelly on Oct. 11, 2006

Ahhh, one of those cerebral baseball louts. George Bush's fingerprints are all over this.

Posted by: Casca on Oct. 11, 2006

Why do the Yankee's hate America?

Posted by: kyle8 on Oct. 11, 2006


What is going to come out about this is that the apartment Lidel hit belongs to Alex Rodriguez and this was payback.

Although as i was crossing the 59th street bridge this afternoon i noticed that the coastguard boat, one of those fast pontoon type things with a 50mm cannon mounted on the front, that is always stationed 100 yrds off the UN bulkhead was nowhere to be seen! Very strange.

Posted by: Strawman on Oct. 11, 2006


I was called back from an assignment stirring up some unrest in SA, since this appeared to be something more sinister. Alas, I ordered a good steak at Sparks and enjoyed a Chateau Lascombes '82 in Mr. Lidle's memory. Back to the grind tomorrow, look for some fun times in a certain oil rich country to the south!


Posted by: Major X on Oct. 11, 2006

I was driving truck in Missouri when this tragedy happened, and within minutes of hearing about it on Radio....

Radio is always first, if you know what to listen too......

Within minutes I saw two B-2 bombers heading east.

Instead of the normal one puppy per plane, there were a host of refueling, fighting and escort aircraft around the two bombers.

Of course they were playing tic tac toe in the sky, so it could not have been terrorism.

Posted by: webloafer on Oct. 11, 2006

What is going to come out about this is that the apartment Lidel hit belongs to Alex Rodriguez and this was payback.

HA! (Maybe just a touch tasteless, but pretty funny anyway.)

Posted by: Victor on Oct. 12, 2006

Move along folks, there's nothing to see here. The whole thing was scripted for later broadcast on a new PBS reality TV show next spring 'Death of A City'.

Posted by: Wm H on Oct. 12, 2006

ordered a good steak at Sparks and enjoyed a Chateau Lascombes '82 in Mr. Lidle's memory

French wine is for faggots! Drink a Cali, or an Aussie, or (shudder) something Chilean, but avoid that watered down plonk from the continent that they palm off on swishing poseurs.

Posted by: Casca on Oct. 12, 2006


I think the only palm that concerns swishing poseurs maybe yours as it lingers a bit too long on their asses when you do your locker room pat welcoming them to the wine bar you bought outside Santaigo.

Posted by: Strawman on Oct. 12, 2006

ahhaahhahahahaha. YES! these are the questions we need to be asking!

Posted by: Dawn Summers on Oct. 12, 2006

Okay, the plane hit a building at 524 E. 72nd Street.

7 + 2 = 9

5+2+4 = 11

9/11. This is part of the conspiracy.

And no, I didn't come up with this myself. Some other person on the Screw Loose Change blog did.

Posted by: ElMondoHummus on Oct. 12, 2006

Yes, and ignorant absolutist statements are for idiot Philistines My Dear Mr. Casca. Enjoy your Opus One, your Spottswoode or whatever fruit bomb explosion you call a wine in "your neck of the woods" to use a vernacular with which you must be familiar.

One question my good man. How in the world do you unscrew your bottles with hands that must be horribly blistered from all that dragging on the ground?

Posted by: Major X on Oct. 12, 2006

Hahaha, you caught him Red! I knew because the faggots down at the wine store are always pushing that watery mushroom runoff as "Great" wine, and they love to throw around "Fruitbomb". Only poseurs could drink such swill and pronounce it drinkable. X & Strawfuck r clearly one and the same.

Posted by: Casca on Oct. 12, 2006

It's weird. After reading the Major's post about a blonde named Annie, I'm wondering why his profile says that he's a female.

Posted by: reagan80 on Oct. 13, 2006

It's "confused".

Posted by: Casca on Oct. 13, 2006

I think the only thing that is evident from the Major and my posts is the transparency of the caricature who's name is Casca; A fellow who thinks we care about his taste in wine, or his childish pronouncements about those who like French wine. Clearly a knuckle walking, pontificating old mouth breathing fart of a sgt-major type, too impotent to fight, phallocentric (obviously fixated on fags and guns), constantly carping and sniping from his easy chair, crippled by indogenous depression the result of his profound sadness that a seniors war has not been organized.

RedRover on the other hand is simply a guy who enjoys looking at a swinging dicks. (I'm surprised Casca still makes you wear a rubber Red! Don't he love you?) More importantly Red, and I guess this is a sign of your maturation; congrats on having sex outside the family with a bipedal!

Posted by: strawman on Oct. 13, 2006

"congrats on having sex outside the family with a bipedal!"

At least I keep it within the species AND with animate beings.

How's your Mustafa Shag Doll doing? Little pinpricks tend to pop them things.

Posted by: Radical Redneck on Oct. 13, 2006

It's good to see the Yankees FINALLY hitting something in October!

Posted by: Radical Redneck on Oct. 13, 2006

That was Cory trying to find where Alex lives.

Posted by: Strawman on Oct. 13, 2006

BTW, Redboy, on his worst hair day, my little Mustafa makes your little sister look like schwirma that's been left on a Faluja rooftop for ten days.

Posted by: Strawman on Oct. 13, 2006


Hard to believe it could happen to me, given the series of security algorithms I'm running. Got to hand it to those commie bastards though, they can be damn smart when they put their warped little minds to the task. Obviously that cigar smoking bastard south of Florida has nothing better to do with his time now that he's handed over the island to his idiot brother, so he's hacking my profile and having a little fun.

Heads up Fidel! You've had your fun, prepare to meet your doom!

Oh, and for you Mr. Casca, obviously you're suffering from one of the worst cases of psychological projection that I have ever seen. You weren't invited to join in a little party in Haight Ashbury several years ago by some clean cut guys with free acid were you? Cuz, that would definately explain things.

Posted by: Major X on Oct. 13, 2006

All this tough talk is getting our eyes off the real target: Mexicans.

Posted by: BadMule on Oct. 13, 2006

Red a little NSFW warning would be helpful on links like that...but ultimately its my fault in that I kept reading the comments even after I saw that straw/major were here....

Posted by: Scof on Oct. 13, 2006

AAAk, just saw the link. Sorry Redneck, I gotta remove it.

For those who didn't get a chance to see it, it's only a graphic representation of a pinwheel spinning.

Posted by: annika on Oct. 14, 2006

Without question, this is fully concocted.
Just like on 911, even 'though I didn't make the connection as I was watching the "crash" scenario unfold (due to my emotional attachment to the Yankees etc...), part of me was noticing how absolutely staged so much of it appeared.
With 911, when the towers fell, I knew it looked really wrong (only later understanding the controlled demolition probability).

But of course this is the intention of whoever is orchestrating this...continuously weaving a web of fear, deception and emotionally charged patriotism etc...

As far as Lidle goes, forget about it...I kind of liked him when he came to the Yankees, but looking at him now he was/is clearly an entitled type of dude...not your average joe ballplayer. Their "finding" his passport in the street is the dead giveaway IMO. Passport? Just like Attah's (sp) passport surviving the holocaust of a commercial airliner crashing into and collapsing a hundred story building. Yahh right. And why the F was CL carrying this conveniently found passport? On a private domestic flight to CA? And why does it look as if nothing hit that building structurally...just burned on the exterior? And why were his "wife". "son" and the pregnant wife of the "flight instructor not notified of the crash as they were "boarding a flight to CA" at JFK at the same time as his plane supposedly crashed? Why did his "twin brother" show SO LITTLE emotion or remorse in a television interview shortly after the crash? Why does he even have a "twin brother" and I've heard 3 or 4 more people around him that look remarkably like lidle?
Convenient if he needed to disapear, no?
Why did they quote "his" six year old "son" yesterday as saying something like "my daddy was a skilled pilot, there must have something wrong with his plane"? Quoting his "6 y/o"?? And lastly, why do the "eyewitnesses" interviewed directly after the crash appear to be really bad actors LOL?

Wag the dog, I say...but they can't touch me.

Posted by: mad 1 on Oct. 14, 2006

like i said, Mad1, these are all important questions!

Now, back on earth, I just paid under 2.50 a gal for gas. There's your real conspiracy.

Posted by: annika on Oct. 14, 2006

It makes me a little sad to think that Joe Torre etc...are deep in this doo doo ;(

my Yankees !!! arghhhhhhhhhh

Posted by: mad 1 on Oct. 14, 2006

Annie, you should post this at AboveTopSecret. I'm sure you'll get some true believers running with it. I'm already a member, so I could post it for you if you like. Could be fun to see what develops in the thread. :)

Posted by: Tuning Spork on Oct. 14, 2006

It couldn't have been a conspiracy, there was a distress call from the pilot involving a problem with fuel, government sources close to the investigation told CNN. (Watch the NTSB comment on investigation)

Posted by: Atlanta on Oct. 20, 2006