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September 13, 2006

Essay Exam

One of the purposes of this blog, as I have said before, is to learn from my readers. I have a theory in mind, and I'm wondering if I'm on the right track. Please help me by taking this short answer essay test. One sentence answers are best.

  1. Why did the Confederacy bomb Fort Sumter?
  2. Why did Germany invade the Soviet Union?
  3. Why did the Japanese bomb Pearl Harbor?
  4. Why did Muslim terrorists bomb the World Trade Center in 1993?
  5. Why did Muslim terrorists bomb the World Trade Center in 2001?
  6. Generally speaking, is there a common motivator among all these acts?

Please mail your answers here.

Update: Thanks for all the great responses. Now I think my theory is not so good. And probably question number one doesn't really belong there since, as many of you pointed out, Ft. Sumter was bombed in response to Federal resupply of the island, and was not a surprise attack.

I had been thinking that all of the above actions were pre-emptive strikes by inferior forces against a superior power. And the common theme would be that each of the attackers had a particular vision of society, and in each case the attackee uniquely stood in the way of the attacker's vision.

However, the Germans and the Japanese planned to shorten a war of conquest by their surprise attacks, while the same cannot really be said of the WTC bombers. The terrorists are not capable of fighting any war of conquest, and I don't really believe they expected the response they got after 2001.

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Obviously, I misread your questions. Perhaps if you had asked for the "Strategy" behind these acts. Actually, I'd group 1 with 4, 5, and 6. South Carolina wanted blood, and got it. To the extent they had a strategy, it was childish in it's sophistication, just like our muslim brothers. They have a strategy. Convert the infidel.

Posted by: Casca on Sep. 15, 2006

What they all have in common is one thing; miscalculation.

It is the cause of every war, isn't it?

Posted by: shelly on Sep. 15, 2006

I was trying to get the spelling of somebodys name to do with WWII and ran across a Wikipedia article on Stalins plans to attack Hitler first. The 2 of them and their armies were like blind men groping around in the dark with knives. The eery thing about it. You remember that literally crazy dumb ass Rudolf Hess who flew to England to make a separate peace. Well, Stalin had been worried about a posible union of the capitalist countries, in which he included Germany, against the USSR. So with this he put off his planned attack, waiting to make sure that wasn't in the offing. Hess flew in early July and the Germans attacked first about Aug 1 as I recall. It is said the Russian attack would've ended WWII 2 years earlier, getting themselves together before the attack the Germans were low on ammo, unorganized for defense. The Jews just couldn't catch a break.

Posted by: michael on Sep. 21, 2006