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September 14, 2006

Dean Martin Appreciation Day

I had no idea it was DMAD. In fact, I'd never heard of DMAD until today. It's not his birthday (that's June 7). Anyways, I'm up for it. Go and celebrate at Sheila's. Nobody blogs classic Hollywood better than Sheila. There are some great pictures too. Dean cooking with the Duke. Dean, Mia and Sharon Tate. Dean and the boss, naturally. Dean stepping onstage with Judy (I think it's Judy). And of course, Dean and Jerry.

Update: Youtube is amazing. Look what I found.

That scene of Dean the father kissing Dean Paul is sad, isn't it? Captain Dean Paul Martin died in 1987 when his Air National Guard F-4 Phantom crashed into Mount San Gorgonio.

Dean Paul "Dino" Martin, 35, son of entertainer Dean Martin was killed when the Phantom jet he was piloting crashed into the San Gabriel Mountains. Permission was given by March Air Force Base ATC to perform a "maximum climb" takeoff. The aircraft was seen disappearing into a scattered cloud ceiling at 4,700 feet. Radar contact was lost 9 minutes into the flight. The crash site was found on the 3rd day of searching in the San Gabriel Mountains. An investigation revealed the aircraft flew, inverted, into a solid wall of granite between two mountain peaks at an estimated speed of 560 mph. The aircraft was literally pulverized into the granite. The "maximum climb" takeoff, g forces assoctiated with this type of flight and the dense cloud cover negatively affected the pilots ability to know his position and aircraft attitude.
The death hit Dean very hard, and he apparently was never the same afterwards.

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Thanks for the link!!

I'm kinda having a manic episode (ha!) - but I loves me some Dino!

Posted by: red on Sep. 14, 2006

Oh - and I totally made up DMAD. In order to justify how obsessed I am with Dino right now. :)

Posted by: red on Sep. 14, 2006

Well, it's very nice Sheila. Although someone should gag Jerry.

Posted by: Casca on Sep. 14, 2006

"I had the most amazing dream. I was riding on an ice cream donkey with none other than Mr. Dean Martin, and even though the donkey melted just outside of Walnut City, Dean didn't care, because that's just the kind of man he was."

"Aye, he was the Dean of Martins."


Posted by: The Law Fairy on Sep. 14, 2006

Oh, and yes, Annika, you are correct - that is Judy, welcoming Dean to the stage for a duet at the Coconut Grove. Uhm - what I would give for a time machine!!!

Posted by: red on Sep. 14, 2006

Guess I'll have a scotch to celebrate. I always liked his old variety show.

BTW, I am writing this only four hours after Lasik eye surgery. Its great not to need glasses anymore.

Posted by: kyle8 on Sep. 14, 2006

Here's a classic Dino story:

In "The Sons of Katie Elder", they wanted Duke and Dino to escape from jail and Duke was supposed to hide a knife and hold it to the neck of the jailor and threaten him to let them out. Duke said the didn't use knives and would never do it.

The director turned toward Dino and before he could speak a word, Dino said "So, where do I hide the knife?".

By the way, Dino would not appreciate any Jerry Lewis shit. He hated his ass for breaking up the partnership and striking out on his own.

In the end, it was Jerry who rued the day he did so, but Dean had no use for him at all.

I think I'll have a Scotch myself, although I'm pretty sure Dino drank Gentleman Jack on the rocks, or, whatever someone handed him from the audience.

Posted by: shelly on Sep. 14, 2006

Well, since we're going to reminisce. Deano was from the heart of union thug country, Mingo Junction, OH. Oh yeah, everything says Steubenville, but the locals always know the fine points.

I love that he was such a true friend. He helped his buddy Frank during JFK's election, because he was supporting Frank. JFK's team pressured Frank and the Ratpackers not to attend Sammy's mixed race wedding to that Swedish beauty, and Deano didn't think twice about not attending. That was the end of it between Dean and the Kennedy Clan. I'm not sure if Frank attended or not.

Posted by: Casca on Sep. 14, 2006

BTW Kyle, given your extra-curricular activities. You'll need glasses again in no time. Just make sure you stop before you go blind.

Posted by: Casca on Sep. 14, 2006

Now, that is funny.

But, Kyle is an easy target, he is such a weenie.

Posted by: shelly on Sep. 15, 2006