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September 14, 2006

Al Qaeda Passes McCain Style Bill?

As reported by Point Five:

On the heels of the Warner/ McCain/ Graham legislation passed out of Senate committee today, which offers expanded rights to terrorists over the bill proposed by President Bush, al Qaeda reportedly has considered changing its long- standing rules on prisoner treatment to include greater protections for Americans in custody.

The new guidelines would set strict requirements for the type and quality of beheading blades, limit the time spent on- camera in execution videos, and place new rules on the use of burning alive, dismembering, and dragging through the streets.

. . .

Under the new al Qaeda guidelines, gasoline would be strongly discouraged as a fuel for blackening infidel corpses, favoring high-temperature, fast burning fuels such as acetylene or MAPP gas. The use of accelerants such as oxygen to more quickly extinguish the cries of agony from the infidels would be “greatly pleasing to Allah.”

h/t Preston

Update: Shameless recycling of an old post that is still apropriate.

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Yeah, no shit. Those Cocksuckers; i.e. McCain, and his minnie me from SC deserve a public ass whipping.

Posted by: Casca on Sep. 14, 2006

That idiot from SC has been auditioning for the role of McCain's running-mate for couple of years now, and it sickens me that he's willing to compromise the GWOT for - what he thinks are - political points. I

Hugh Hewitt easily dissected him on the radio today. If you are interested in the interview, go to Hewitt's site and you'll find a link to the transcript.

Posted by: Blu on Sep. 14, 2006

Yes, I agree. i think America should always take the behaviour of the worst actor and shape its legislation and policies accordingly. The Chinese have been demonstrating for 50 years how we might reshape our civil controls to get rid of all the thinkers and dissenters. Implimenting their methods would solve the many problems of Democracy related to the document that W calls the "Bill of Wrongs". Or the "Bill of Insecuritys". You know the one, that group of paragraphs that are going to get us all killed by the nasties who want to eat our freedoms out of envy.

I think if we were going to be really smart we might offer some of the out of work (I hear their command and control centers and networks have been devistated) Al Qaeda operatives some serious dough to come to work for us interrogating and extracting intel. Now those guy's really know what's up with protecting their shores.

Posted by: Strawman on Sep. 15, 2006

Ralph Peters still had the best solution to our prisoner "abuse" problem: no more taking prisoners!


Posted by: reagan80 on Sep. 15, 2006


Your post demonstrates once again how ill-informed you are about this debate. The issue here is the ambiguity of the Geneva Conventions, (which shouldn't even apply to AQ or any of its members – or any terrorist - as they do not serve a country nor are they signatories.) So, please get a clue, then comment. The President is simply asking the Congress to clarify specifically what they will allow in terms of interrogations, so our men in the field can stay within the law. Perhaps, you can enlighten us and describe specifically how this in any way encroaches on the Bill of Rights and your personal freedoms.

No doubt the leaders of China, N. Korea, and AQ spend a lot of time debating their interrogation tactics with leaders of the legislative branch and the Press, trying to codify those standards in a very clear way.

Don’t you get tired of me pummeling you? It’s really too easy. Time to bring your “A” game Straw because right now you are just my bitch.

Posted by: Blu on Sep. 15, 2006


That sounds so sexy, Blu, I don't know if I'll even look for my A game again.

But, of course, as in the past you dodge the irony and humor of our president's lame position. Just clarify a few things so my professionals know what to do to protect the good people of our fine country, because if they (the professionals) are not clear, they'll sit back on their asses and punt. Oh, and the other thing that will inhibit them is the possibility of prosecuition. What horse shit.

It does affect out rights, blu because W will use the same rules on you or me if for instance we set off the sniffers at the airport because some Nitrogen molecules are in our sock from playing touch football on a recently fertilized lawn. They will bag you and carry you off to who knows where and classify you as a enemy combatant until they prove otherwise which they will be in no hurry to do since hurrying is antithetical to being thorough and to not be thorough is to jeopardize the nation.

You would like me to believe that W and his crowd do not know what article 3 allows because it used vague words like "mutilation, cruel treatment, torture, humiliating treatment, outrages against personal dignity, caring for the sick and wounded, violence to life and person, execution, and no judgement without regularily constituted courts that offer ALL the judicial guarantees which are recognizes as indespensible by civilized people" Yea Blue, that's really vague.

I don't have a clue what I might or might not do to a captive had this been my only guide line.

I know pulling out a fingernail really hurs but its not mutilation since it will grow back, right?

And, hey, dogs bite people everyday all over the US so why is it such a big deal if terrorists are nipped on their peckers a little?

And when you stuff my underpants in my mouth and tell me to play with myself so you can watch, I still get up and go to work the next day, don't I? Mastubation and underpants are a part of your everyday life, right big fella?

And what about all those collge kids making pyramids and laughing and falling all over each other in the gym? Just because they not naked and don't have bags over their heads dosen't mean they wouldn't try it if the coach told them to.

I guess your right, as always, it is so very difficult to know what you can do or can't do when it comes to protecting our sacred shores. Come over here ya big slob and rub my belly some more.

Posted by: Strawman on Sep. 15, 2006

Define any of these terms:

"cruel treatment," "torture," (I love this one - I'll bet when you were getting your ass-kicked all through grade school you experienced this a bunch) "humiliating treatment," and the always horrible "outrages against personal dignity."

Hey is loud music and a cold room "torture?" Just curious.

Oh and how many free lawyers, special food, and special religious services should these semi-humans be allowed?

Finally, Straw, if prisoners were forced to read your tortured English prose, would it be considered an "outrage against personal dignity?"

Posted by: Blu on Sep. 15, 2006

I don't know Blu, I think it reads kinda good other than spelling which I don't put too much stock in.

Of course a cold room and loud music are torture. Go out to you garage this winter, get naked and turn up your boom car to 120db and tell your mom not to look for you for 4 days. Then call me.

Mostly though, its like Justice Stevens said about porn, hard to define but you know it when you see it. Unless less of course you have a big investment in the industry. Like you and Billy Frist do having to lick the porn king's ass every day.

Posted by: Strawman on Sep. 15, 2006

To be fair, you writing is pretty good. It's your ideas that are bad.

Posted by: Blu on Sep. 15, 2006