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July 11, 2006

Is Castro Dead?

American Princess, and apparently Jonah Goldberg have heard rumors. Nothing on Drudge yet. E.M. says she heard it from a Wall Street friend, as does Jonah. I checked the stock market and it did rally around 12:00.

Update: Still nothing from any reputable news source. Or from Drudge for that matter.

If it turns out to be true, I for one will question the timing. Is Castro's death simply the Bush administration's attempt to deflect attention away from their failure to unh...

Oh I got it. It's the Bush administration's attempt to deflect attention away from the impending indictment of Barry Bonds, who I hear, is a Republican.

Culture of corruption! Culture of corruption! Halliburton! Halliburton! Sis-boom-ba!

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If so, I hope it's declared a national holiday. In California, we are forced to pay for our lazy, unionized state workers to take a day off for a that fruit-picking commie, Caesar Chavez. I'd much rather have my tax money going to celebrate the death of a vile commie bastard and everything he stands for.

Posted by: blu on Jul. 11, 2006

Ah the wheels of justice grind exceedingly fine. No doubt he's finally chomped down on one of those salted CIA cigars. Hasta La Vista asshole. Give the devil my best!

Posted by: Casca on Jul. 11, 2006

They will just break out FidelBot number 5

Posted by: k on Jul. 11, 2006

uuhhhmm that was me,

BTW Annika, Casca, and Shelly, what do you think about this years College Football? My pick to win it all is Notre Dame. They were dam good last year and return most everyone.
Texas and USC will both have new QB's so you might get a downturn there.
OS will be an offensive powerhouse but has a nearly all new defense, that could be trouble.
Miami will steal the ACC, but I predict a few losses.
SEC, too much parity, they will beat each other up as usual.

Posted by: kyle8 on Jul. 11, 2006

Bonds as a Repub reminds of a Charles Barkley story:

Barkley told his mother he was going to vote for a Repub. His mom said "Don't do it. They only pass laws that help rich people." Charles said "Mom, I am a rich people."

Posted by: gcotharn on Jul. 11, 2006

Bonds is a rebub? he better go dem like yesturday if he wants jese jackson to screan racism! Oh and Whats this college football crap??? Notre Dame??? Please how pathetic. Wait a minute......am I trapped in the 1960's?? Wisconsin Badgers all the way. You guys went to queer schools get over it!

Posted by: jeff on Jul. 11, 2006

Castro was only taken down and Zidane did it!


Posted by: jcrue on Jul. 12, 2006