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June 21, 2006

Long Ass Battle Of The Movie Assassins Update


In the closest voting ever, La Femme Nikita has beaten Beatrix Kiddo to advance to the final round.


Her opponent: Jason Bourne. Let the final round begin.

Previous updates can be found here, here, and here.

Posted by annika, Jun. 21, 2006 | TrackBack (0)
Rubric: Let's Go To Hollywood


I'm a big supporter of strong women and all that good shit, but Bourne would kick that skinny skanks ass. Plus, as much as I liked La Femme Nikita, I liked all the Ludlum books more.

Posted by: blu on Jun. 21, 2006

I concur with blu. No contest. Bourne's a friggin' machine.

Posted by: Matt on Jun. 22, 2006