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June 08, 2006

John Kerry Declares "Mission Accomplished"

This is rich. I wonder if Kerry was wearing a flight suit when he wrote this.

Statement by John Kerry on the Death of Abu Musab al-Zarqawi

Abu Musab al-Zarqawi was a brutal terrorist and his death strikes a blow to al-Qaeda in Iraq. This ruthless thug who abused the true meaning of Islam was an intruder on Iraqi soil and it’s good news that he’s dead. Our troops did an incredible job hunting him down and destroying him, and all of America is proud of their skill and commitment.

“With the end of al-Zarqawi and the confirmation of the final vital cabinet ministries in Iraq’s new government, it’s another sign that it’s time for Iraqis to stand up for Iraq, bring the factions together, end the insurgency, and run their own country. Our troops have done their job in Iraq, and they’ve done it valiantly. It’s time to work with the new Iraqi government to bring our combat troops home by the end of this year. [emphasis added]

Time to declare victory and come home, eh? There was Caesar, Alexander, von Clausewitz, Sun Tzu, Eisenhower, and now John F. Kerry: military genius.

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When was Kerry elected President of the united States?

Hell, I must have totally missed that election.

Posted by: shelly on Jun. 9, 2006

I'm John Kerry and I am bringing this message directly to the troops. Why wait? Just get three flesh wounds, put yourself in for Purple Hearts and come home.

The senate seats from Mass are already full, but I know others where you can run as a war hero.

There are still other rich women out there, even though I bagged two.


The other JFK

Posted by: MarkD on Jun. 9, 2006

In 2004, Shelly, at least according to Robert Kennedy Jr?

Posted by: annika on Jun. 9, 2006

Once again... Bush Jr. wore the infamous flight suit because of regulations... Serve a few years in the military. I knew an E-6 (as in enlisted member who has gained the rank of technical sergeant... sergeant) tell a 4 star, USAFE commanding general he couldn't proceed to fly to the middle east because he hadn't gone to one para-rescue class. Chain of command is not 100% solid. Bush had good reason to wear that damn flight suit the left likes to taunt and mock all too often. Perhaps if they knew the pride and satisfaction one feels while wearing such a distinguished garment they would back off. Oh wait, they're too busy free loving and passing the bong;). Nice blog Annika.

Posted by: trisa on Jun. 10, 2006

I knew Rpbert Kennedy; in fact,I worked for him in Washington D.C in my first job.

The gravel thoated little wimp is not Robert Kennedy; he is his son (maybe).

Lord save us from sons of famous men. Patrick Kennedy, Jerry Brown, Robert Kennedy Jr., et al.

A bunch on non-achievers who need to be euthanized.

Posted by: shelly on Jun. 10, 2006