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May 25, 2006

Wednesday Is Poetry Day

Today's poem is by Sugawara Takesue no Musume, 11th Century Japanese poetess.


Ah me ah me

Ah, me! Ah, me! My weary doom to labour here in the Palace!
Seven good wine-jars have I - and three in my province.
There where they stand I have hung straight-stemmed gourds of the finest -
They turn to the West when the East wind blows,
They turn to the East when the West wind blows,
They turn to the North when the South wind blows,
They turn to the South when the North wind blows.
And there I sit watching them turning and turning forever-
Oh, my gourds! Oh, my wine-jars!

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Rubric: Poetry


Okay. Anyone gonna go for the obvious "Ah, me! Ah, me! So horny!" joke?


. . . oh, wait.


Posted by: Cameron on May. 26, 2006

Wait...did you say "poetess?"

How sweet that sounds!

Because, after all, did you know that Maya Angelou is a poet?

And that, oh, just from random names, Nicole Kidman is an actor?

I'm shocked there's even a Best Actress category these days.

At least I know I can be comfortable referring to Annika, the authoress of Annika's Journal.

Posted by: Vinnie on May. 27, 2006