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May 23, 2006

Coolest Thing On The Internets Of The Day

I star in a movie.

Oh and there's a poem too.

Posted by annika, May. 23, 2006 | TrackBack (0)
Rubric: C.T.O.T.I.O.T.D.


I think I saw that movie many years ago! Funny, I don't remember it going that way!

Posted by: OS on May. 23, 2006

Please tell me that's Casca on the other end of that rope.

Posted by: Victor on May. 24, 2006

Why . . .


I . . . I . . . never thought I'd get . . .

[slaps hands to face, "Home Alone" style]

. . . TWO links outta this!

I'm all a-twitter.

But I ain't gay or nuthin'. I just like that word.

Posted by: Cameron on May. 24, 2006


I don't think he's that handsome.

Posted by: ElMondoHummus on May. 24, 2006

Hey now, I'm sure Casca is certainly marine pretty...

...oh and this is funny too

Posted by: Scof on May. 24, 2006

I don't understand the poem by Way Off Bass at all. Annika isn't plain.

Posted by: Ralph on May. 24, 2006

And she isn't old. But she obviously likes to be romanced by movie captions.

A hundred years ago, she would have been all aflutter from a telegram.

Posted by: Ontario Emperor on May. 24, 2006

Oh crap, Scof, you just made me spit-take with that link!

Gotta wipe off the screen now... damn, Coke through the nose hurts. But I'm still laughing!

Posted by: elmondohummus on May. 24, 2006

Where'd you hide the Pumpkin?

Posted by: shelly on May. 24, 2006

It wasn't about Annika, Ralph.

Posted by: Cameron on May. 24, 2006

Ah yes, ducks always envy the swans.

Posted by: Casca on May. 25, 2006

I abused the technology to construct an anti neo conservative rant.

Posted by: Ontario Emperor on May. 25, 2006

To Cameron: I knew that.

Posted by: Ralph on May. 28, 2006