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February 27, 2006

New Least Favorite Ad Campaign

I can't stand that AT&T campaign with Oasis' "All Around The World." I mean, it's on the radio every five minutes, it's on the tv every five minutes. I'm sick of it. I actually hate that song now.

Posted by annika, Feb. 27, 2006 | TrackBack (0)
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You do know that all right-thinking people hate Oasis and everything they stand for, right? Hopefully, the US military retains enough firepower to take out the fucking Gallagher brothers by Christmas.

They're far more of a nuisance than Iran can ever hope to be.

Posted by: skipptstalin on Feb. 28, 2006

I can't lie: I really like the "What's the Story Morning Glory?" album.

Posted by: Blu on Feb. 28, 2006

Wonderwall was a pretty goddamn good song. Other than that, I preferred them when they were called the Beatles. And were talented.

Posted by: skipptstalin on Feb. 28, 2006

WTSMG is a great album Annie! All around the world is a great song as well. I would imagine after listening to the song so many times you would go to Tower and pick up that album.

Oh, Skipstalin cut it out! Why such hostility towards a great British rock band hu? Don't be so negative, gosh!

Posted by: Daniel on Mar. 1, 2006

I love Oasis. Lots of killer songs.

Posted by: chloejazz on Mar. 2, 2006

You actually liked it to begin with??

Posted by: Christopher Taylor on Mar. 3, 2006