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February 11, 2006

If St. Cindy Can Do It, Why Shouldn't I?

You heard that Cindy Sheehan was selling herself over the internet? The ad got pulled by eBay, possibly because the product may produce involuntary stomach spasms.

However, with this auction, no such problems are likely:


As to any other disclaimers, I disclaim them.

Posted by annika, Feb. 11, 2006 | TrackBack (0)
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two major dissapointments with this

1) the auction is over
2) you read malkin

ps i totally would have paid 7.99 Buy it Now plys the 2.50 shipping.

heck i would have paid 8.99

Posted by: tony on Feb. 11, 2006

Well, you might be pleased to know I bought two songs by Tsar today.

Posted by: annika on Feb. 11, 2006

Perhaps we should go into the speaking business together, Annie -- we could debate and spout poetry at each other.

Posted by: Hugo on Feb. 11, 2006

im very pleased to hear that

and if you like them, email me yr mailing address and i will send you a nice mix cd of tsar throughout the years

Posted by: tony on Feb. 11, 2006

What would it cost for a speaking engagement in Seoul at one of the larger hotel conference rooms? I'm sure the South Korean youth would love all the nice things you'd have to say about their brothers to the north.


Posted by: Kevin Kim on Feb. 12, 2006

At first glance, that picture sort of looks like you're holding up a valentine heart. So that would be a different auction entirely.

Posted by: Jim Treacher on Feb. 12, 2006

Why would she want to go there, the South Koreans hate us. They openly discriminate against our troops:


They think General MacArthur is a war criminal:



And, they think we are the evil bullies for "picking on" the poor little commie shits that have hundreds of artillery pieces aimed at them north of the border.

Posted by: reagan80 on Feb. 12, 2006


Precisely my point. I live in Seoul.


Posted by: Kevin Kim on Feb. 12, 2006

Sorry about that, Kevin. My sarcasm detector wasn't working at the time, and I didn't know you were even over there.

Posted by: reagan80 on Feb. 12, 2006

Even if I had a group to which she could speak, I wouldn't want to ship Annika down to southern California for $2.50 or whatever, even if she poked air holes in the box. A speech is not that inspiring when the speaker has been bouncing around in a UPS truck for several hours.

Posted by: Ontario Emperor on Feb. 12, 2006

BTW, the Sheehan auction has been yanked. I'm kinda curious as to why.

Posted by: Victor on Feb. 13, 2006

Victor, that's easy. She's shacked up with Jesse Jackson and can't be bothered.

Posted by: shelly on Feb. 13, 2006

Ouch. There's a mental image I could have done without.

Posted by: annika on Feb. 13, 2006

Roger that, annika *shudder* OTOH, I've now got something that pushed tubgrl to the rear...so to speak...

Posted by: Victor on Feb. 14, 2006

You're right, Victor. That's worse than tub girl meeting goatse man.

Posted by: reagan80 on Feb. 14, 2006