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February 03, 2006

Dancing Blogging

Admit it, Casca. You got a little-teary eyed when Tia got booted.

And Barry is great.

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I hate to tell you, but she still looks like a middleaged woman who just had a baby. She's fat. Oh, not grotesque obesity fat, but 15 lbs too heavy for the camera, and not athletic enough.

Jerry is finding his inner black man.

Posted by: Casca on Feb. 4, 2006

I was just happy to see Master P go. My whole voting strategy last week was calculated to make sure he lost.

I was a little sorry to see Tia go, but Casca's right: She just wasn't up to snuff. George's time is coming fast, too. I like his attitude, and he's entertaining -- but his physical limits are very apparent to me. Jerry is improving, but he still looks like a football player who's trying to dance. He needs a major breakthrough.

By the way, what's up with all the comm -- er, *former* commies among the professionals?

Posted by: Matt on Feb. 4, 2006

The one good thing about the Soviets was their nationalism. The Russkys have a richly artistic culture, unlike us who have a banal relativist culture that holds shit on the same level with brilliance.

In the words of PJ O'Rourke, "If everything was majority rules, then every meal would be pizza, and every story a romance novel." The Russkys never went for the cultural pizza.

Posted by: Casca on Feb. 4, 2006

It's amazing what one learns in boot camp, eh?

P.J. O'Rourke, indeed.

Posted by: shelly on Feb. 4, 2006