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November 27, 2005

A Weird Dream i Had

Remember that Seinfeld episode where Jerry wrote down a joke he dreamed up in the middle of the night? Then he couldn't read what he had written and when he finally figured it out, it wasn't funny at all. That happens to me too.

cruisedream.jpgLike last night, for instance. i had this dream about a new Tom Cruise movie called The Last Chiropractor. The promo was something like:

[cue announcer's voice]

Years of sleeping on Japanese bamboo mats have led Tom Cruise to his greatest role as...

...The Last Chiropractor!

[cue Tom Cruise's voice]

"You don't know the history of myofascial release therapy, I DO!"

[cue announcer's voice]

In the face of musculoligamentous sprain/strain...

In the sacroiliac of One Man...

Lies the Soul of a Warrior.

Once he risked his life for honor and country, but now his world has changed. Subluxation has replaced full cervical range of motion, and in the place of freedom and valor, he only finds chronic radiating pain, especially at levels C5-6 and L5-S1.

Thrust now into harsh and unfamiliar territory, with his life and perhaps more important, his spine, in the balance, the troubled American soldier finds himself at the center of a violent and epic struggle between the soft tissues of his neck and back, with only his sense of honor and a thorough knowledge of flexion/distraction technique to guide him.

Tom Cruise is...

...The Last Chiropractor!

Crazy huh? i'm telling you, i really did have a dream about that shit.

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Posted by: reliapundit on Nov. 27, 2005

I think its pretty funny. You have to stop eating chocolate before you go to bed.

Posted by: Kyle N on Nov. 28, 2005

Kyle, it's pizza that gives you bad dreams...unless annika had a chocolate pizza with Milwaukee's Best. That would explain her dreaming about Tom Cruise.

annika, you've got to stop living like a college student.

Posted by: Victor on Nov. 28, 2005

Interesting; bizarre, but interesting...

Posted by: BobG on Nov. 28, 2005

I've actually had a Seinfeld moment where I wrote down something I thought was brilliant in the middle of the night, and when I read it the next day it made no sense. I think it had to do with Santa Claus and unicorns and some kind of horror-time loop twist or something.

I wonder if, for the sequel, Tom will consider the life of a re-denturing specialist.

Posted by: The Law Fairy on Nov. 28, 2005

Lol. The Seinfeld references are myriad. Re-Denturing... re-gifting... anti-dentite.

Posted by: annika on Nov. 28, 2005

Alfred Hitchcock used to tell a story like that. It went something like this: **ahem**

A Hollywood screenwriter told a friend of his that was frustrated because he would occassionally wake up in the middle of the night with a great story idea, but by morning he'd completely forgotten what it was. "It just happened again last night," he lamented.

But the writer's friend had an idea. He told the screenwriter to keep a pad and pencil at his bedside. That way, when he awoke with a great idea in the middle of the night, he could write it down.

The writer took that advice and a few nights later the writer woke up with a great story idea. He remembered that he had the pad and pencil and wrote it down.

When he woke up he remembered that he'd had a great story idea in the middle of the night, but he couldn't remember what it was. But then he remembered that he'd written it down! Hurriedly he went back to the pad to see what he'd written, and there he saw last night's brilliant idea for a story: boy meets girl.

Posted by: Tuning Spork on Nov. 28, 2005