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October 27, 2005

Always Thinking Outside The Box

Everybody always talks about building a better mousetrap. Why don't we just build a worse mouse?

Posted by annika, Oct. 27, 2005 | TrackBack (0)
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Actually that is a very good idea.

One way we eradicate destructive insects is to release a swam of sterile insects to mate with the wild ones.

In one generation the destructive insects are gone.

Posted by: Jake on Oct. 27, 2005

Difficult at best, impossible at worst. Rodents are too adaptable.

Posted by: Victor on Oct. 28, 2005

**cringes at the headline business-speak.**

Posted by: Rupert Murdoch on Oct. 28, 2005

thats funny annika, I'm always thinking of your box.

Posted by: Kyle N on Oct. 28, 2005

Shame on you Kyle. Clearly the solution can be found in better pussy.

Posted by: Casca on Oct. 28, 2005

Hugh Hewitt has called this blog "very sweet", I wonder if that was taking into account the comments section.

Posted by: Scof on Oct. 28, 2005

Lying is in fact nasty. Please apologize.
Thanks in advance,\

Posted by: bbbustard on Oct. 28, 2005

I had a similar thought about those ads for penis enlargment. Why not just make a smaller vagina? Seems easier in a way.

Posted by: lonetown on Oct. 29, 2005