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August 23, 2005

Notice To Jeopardy Players

Don't forget to email your Final Jeopardy responses by 11:59 p.m. Pacific time, Thursday night.

Posted by annika, Aug. 23, 2005 | TrackBack (0)
Rubric: Dumb-Ass Quizzes


I'm beggin' ya.

Please, let this madness end.

I don't even care anymore.

You can have my money, my car, my first-born; just quit this stupid, addictive game.

Posted by: shelly on Aug. 22, 2005

Shelly, keep your first born, but send me your money and your car. I'll make sure this all ends very quickly.


Posted by: Casca on Aug. 22, 2005

You must know my son...

Watch it, he reads this blog.

Posted by: shelly on Aug. 22, 2005

LMAO, I assure you, they're all alike.

Posted by: Casca on Aug. 22, 2005

Shelly's son is on the blogroll!

Posted by: annika on Aug. 22, 2005

He might be, for all I know.

He's a film editor now, and spends 16 hours or more in the editing room when he's on a show, which is now, and the other eight doing whatever his wife and kid want him to do, or going to NASCAR with his buddies.

I just heard they are coming over Sunday afternoon. I haven[t seen him in about two weeks, so it'll be nice to catch up.

It's OK, as long as I get to hang out with the grandkids, he can go back to editing or NASCAR or whatever.

At least he's a Republican, which is worth something, or maybe he is a DTS. Well, at least he is a conservative.

Posted by: shelly on Aug. 23, 2005

What are ya remindin' people for? Let them lose all on their lonesome!

(You're one of those who doesn't let people call their own hands playing p0ker, aren't you? Did you know p0ker is banned from Munuvian comments?)

Posted by: Victor on Aug. 23, 2005

Dad? DAD??


Posted by: Kevin Kim on Aug. 23, 2005

LMAO, ah Kev u r a wit. Good thing you're in Korea, it is the land of perverts, but that's a good thing.

Posted by: Casca on Aug. 23, 2005

Soryy Kevin, I just checked the list and you're not on it.

You think I'm kidding? Four kids, all four of their spouses, and nine grandkids.

You try memorizing 17 people's birthdays, let alone anniversaries and other assorted celebrations. And that doesn't include either my wife or ex.

Sorry about that, but you can apply if there is an opening.

Stay tuned to this blog...

Posted by: shelly on Aug. 23, 2005

More politics please. Less Jeopardy.

Posted by: M on Aug. 23, 2005


Oh, and munuvia is back. Just thought you should know.

Posted by: Victor on Aug. 24, 2005

glad your back, I got nuthin.

Posted by: Kyle on Aug. 24, 2005

Jumpin' Jiminy Cricket, annika, when're you gonna announce the final results?

Posted by: Victor on Aug. 26, 2005

She's fuckin' with us Ted.

Posted by: Casca on Aug. 26, 2005

Casca, what was that aobut an amorphous mind?

Annie, you are a wicked girl; I'd threaten to spank you, but I'm afraid you'd just enjoy it.

Posted by: shelly on Aug. 26, 2005

I've become accustomed to having my comments regularly deleted. It never happened before she went to law school. Now she's a regular totalitarian. Fairly innocuous comment if you axe me. Ah the day will come when I'm IP blocked.

Posted by: Casca on Aug. 26, 2005