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August 23, 2005

She Don't Speak For Us Caravan

For those in Southern California interested in lending support, the Crawford Texas Caravan in support of our troops is heading your way.

On Tuesday at 3:05pm, we will be arriving in Burbank at KFI studio, 3400 W. Olive Avenue to appear on the John and Ken Show.

On Wednesday at 8:00am, we will be arriving in San Diego at KOGO studio, 9660 Granite Ridge Drive, San Diego to appear live on the Roger Hedgecock Show. Roger will be broadcasting from the parking lot so our supporters can join him during the broadcast.

PLEASE - if you are anywhere near where our caravan will be, we NEED you to make plans to meet us at the caravan stops... and if possible join the caravan for part of the way.

More info and updates can be found here.

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Blatant self promotion here: You might be interested in the piece at www.BoldlyRide.blogspot.com about Cindy Sheehan's deathsploitation of her claimed "moral authority."

I believe that the female participant mentioned in the piece is the leader of the caravan.

Posted by: Zerin Hood on Aug. 25, 2005

Sorry, but I find it difficult to believe that readers of this blog do not support this caravan.

I sent money immediately, and, when it came to LA I was scheduled to go to the rally, but the illness of a partner changed my plans.

Please click on the link and send some money or attend the rallys or both.

Posted by: shelly on Aug. 25, 2005