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August 10, 2005

Nonsensical Connection


i don't know what it means, but i'm sure it's significant in some strange metaphysical way.

Posted by annika, Aug. 10, 2005 | TrackBack (0)
Rubric: Pithy and/or Lame Thoughts


It represents all the guys that redlined your blog actuation meter.

Posted by: Jake on Aug. 10, 2005

Is that Dick Butkiss?
No wonder that guy was so tough, growing up with a name like Butkiss.

Posted by: Kyle on Aug. 11, 2005

It looks like Johnny Carson, Dom DeLouise, and G. Gordon Liddy. Only they have more hair.

Posted by: Victor on Aug. 11, 2005

Hey Kyle, don't mistake the greatest linebacker that ever lived with your favorite pastime.

It's Dick Butkus.


Posted by: Da Bears on Aug. 11, 2005

Butkus was pretty badass. i seen films. He was brutal. i also love that story of the time Mean Joe Greene spit on him after a play. You know what Butkus did? Not a damn thing.

Posted by: annika on Aug. 11, 2005

I enjoyed watching Butkis play, and it was a frightening and beautiful thing to watch. But Butkis was never in a movie with Joe Don Baker.

Posted by: Victor on Aug. 12, 2005