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May 16, 2005

"She's A Crazy Girl"

Like many people, i've been expecting to hear that Wilbanks, the runaway bride, was on a cross country booty call when she disappeared. The fact that i was right, merely confirms that human nature is soo predictable. It's a great example of Occam's Razor at work.

The New York Post reports:

Jennifer Wilbanks wasn't just running away from her wedding, she was running toward something — an old paramour with whom she had a steamy sexual relationship.

The bolting bride set her sights on New Mexico sometime during her three-day cross-country sprint from the altar because it's the home of a short-lived fling, several sources told The Post.

But if Wilbanks harbored hope of reigniting an old passion, she would have been sorely disappointed.

'I would have turned her ass in, no question,' former flame Todd Kendrick told The Post.

'And then,' he joked, 'I'd have asked for the $100,000 reward.'

. . .

Kendrick said that though 'worried' for Wilbanks, he 'had a feeling' foul play wasn't involved when she vanished in Georgia four days before her planned lavish wedding to fiancé John Mason.

'She's a crazy girl,' said Kendrick, who said he had a brief — and sexually charged — relationship with Wilbanks.

. . .

Said Kendrick, 'When I heard she was here, I thought, "Oh, God, why not Idaho?" — anywhere else, really.'

. . .

Kendrick, 41, said he knows Wilbanks, 32, through his younger sister — who was to be a bridesmaid in Wilbanks' jettisoned wedding and had thrown her a bridal shower.

'About three years ago, she and my sister came out to New Mexico together to visit me; I dated [Jennifer] a couple of times,' he said.

Like other men who've gone a few rounds with Wilbanks — several firemen, a dentist and gym buffs among them — Kendrick said Wilbanks had a healthy sexual appetite.

'She liked sex,' he said.

Nevertheless, Wilbanks' fiancé, Mason, has famously boasted he and his intended had abstained during the 18-month courtship leading up to their planned wedding.

Kendrick found it 'very disturbing' that Wilbanks tried to feed police a phony kidnap-and-rape story after she landed in New Mexico after a side trip to Las Vegas.

Posted by annika, May. 16, 2005 |
Rubric: Sex Please


Wow, I didn't think I had anything in common with the runaway bride, other than my name...until I read this story...yikes.

Posted by: Jennifer on May. 16, 2005

Typically classy of the NY Post to advertise the woman's sexual history to the world...

Lesson to the ladies: don't back out of those 600 person weddings- you'll have more than just the caterer to pay.

Posted by: Preston on May. 16, 2005

Looks like you got spammed.

Posted by: Preston on May. 16, 2005

Mason, has famously boasted he and his intended had abstained during the 18-month courtship leading up to their planned wedding.

is this behaviour normal, circa 2005?

Posted by: louielouie on May. 16, 2005

Do you buy a car without testdriving? Most women are nucking futz, present company excepted, but some take it to an extreme. I'm thinking that this story will keep going and going because this bitch isn't about to start acting sane anytime soon, and her fiance is a douche nozzle too. The hypocrisy is icing on the cake, hehehe, cake, get it?

Posted by: Casca on May. 16, 2005

Mason should start running now and not come back.

This woman is a head case. (How's that for a double entendre?)

If you will recall, I also predicted that there was another person involved. Now I think more than just one. I don't believe the bus (the station is in the next town); I think she had a guy drive her to Vegas and she tired him out and headed for New Mexico.

Talk about sowing wild oats before the wedding; she sure gave herself one Hell of a stag party.(or is it "batchlorette?)

Posted by: shelly on May. 16, 2005

Hmmmm. The Post's assertions seem more like speculative muckraking than certainty. She never contacted him and ended up two hours away from him?? I need something more than vague connect-the-dots what-ifs. If she were indeed on a cross-country booty call, it seems like she would have contacted him, and would have gone to the same town. And this guy sounds like he's got an ego and lapped up the press attention –- a real class act.

Posted by: Todd on May. 16, 2005

Todd, you've got to be kidding. When did you ever know a woman who logically planned things out? You're applying male traits of thought to hormonally driven whackdoodles. It doesn't compute.

Posted by: Casca on May. 16, 2005

This post should come along with sound. Perhaps Rick James's "Superfreak."

Posted by: Mark on May. 17, 2005

OK, Casca, you got me lol with "homonally driven whackdoodles". Is that copyrighted, or is in the public domain?

Doesn't really matter because I intend to lift it anyway.

Thank G_d I lived most of my life before this generation...

Posted by: shelly on May. 17, 2005

this is the kind of stuff you should link to:


Posted by: louielouie on May. 17, 2005

I know, we're swirling down the vortex of the decline of Western Civilization.

Posted by: Casca on May. 17, 2005

The poor woman blew off her "douche nozzle" (LOL) and made it all the way to NM...the least he could have done is provided her a nice dinner and some freaky sex.

It's the right thing to do.....

Posted by: Jason O. on May. 18, 2005