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April 21, 2005

Question For Victor:

How is it that Ryan Seacrest got a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, and Joe Don Baker hasn't yet?

Posted by annika, Apr. 21, 2005 |
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Posted by: Amy Bo Bamy on Apr. 21, 2005

I think it only costs something like $5000 to get one. May have gone up since I heard this almost 15 years ago. Not sure who you contact, but it is a relatively easy thing to do.

Posted by: Aldo on Apr. 22, 2005

It is truly an injustice, is all I can say.

Posted by: Victor on Apr. 22, 2005

I thought you had to earn such awards after decades of work in a given field. Silly me.

If Britney and Seacrest can get one, why not me?

Posted by: Mark on Apr. 22, 2005

Looking at the s's, i wonder if the fact that Brittany Spears and David Spade got a star, de-values the three stars that Sinatra got. Or does it work the other way around. Does John Phillip Souza's star add luster to Patrick Swayze's lackluster career?

Posted by: annie on Apr. 23, 2005

According to


Robert Redford, Mel Gibson, Jane Fonda, and Clint Eastwood still have not received Stars. (Jane Fonda deserves a trial for treason, not a Star.)

Mel Gibson probably will never get one since he's a fundamentalist Christian, and we all know how Hollywood feels about THEM.

Posted by: Mark on Apr. 26, 2005