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March 25, 2005

Headline Trickery

ABC News continues to outrage me. They're vying for the bottom of the journalistic heap in my book, apparently jealous of CNN and CBS.

Today's misleading web headline disgusted me:

Schindlers, Kevorkian Discuss Schiavo Case
Seeing that headline on Google (without the subtitle), i immediately wondered what the hell was going on. Had Terri Schiavo's parents changed their mind about euthanasia? Nope, it was a cruel joke of some editor at ABC News, who decided to lump these two opposing points of view into the same story and then post a misleading headline for some sick reason.

Posted by annika, Mar. 25, 2005 |
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Surprised by scumbaggery like this from the MSM?

Posted by: JD on Mar. 25, 2005

Nya! Nya! Made you look!!!

Signed, ABC website edotors

Posted by: CalBear on Mar. 25, 2005

Not to defend ABC, but a deck is written to explain a short headline. ABC probably doesn't control what happens when headlines make their way over to Google.
Even as a member of MSM, I'm all for harping on it, but when people start jumping on nonissues or do things like confuse articles with columns, reporters with pundits, it doesn't do much good for the nonMSM side.
Now, if you don't mind, I'm gonna go mouth off to Evil Dawn Summers about how lawyers should do their jobs.

Posted by: ken on Mar. 25, 2005