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March 17, 2005

Happy St. Patrick's Day

i notice that a few bloggers have posted pictures of their favorite Irish beverage in celebration of today's holiday.

Eric posted about Caffrey's, a brew i have not yet sampled.

Preston posted about that old standby, Guinness, a brew that i am all too familiar with. And if Matt were still posting regularly, i know he'd put up a Guinness photo, too.

Here's my Irish brew of choice:


Slightly bitter, a hint of cocoa, very complex on the palate. Murphy's Stout makes Guinness taste like water by comparison.

No beverage pics at Sheila's but she's got a bevy of great St. Patrick's day posts, as i expected. i'm still eagerly awaitin' to see what the Irish Lass will post. And Happy Anniversary to Dizzy Girl Gennie and her hubbie!

Update: Ted wants a Corona. A Corona?! i won't even drink that shit on cinco de Mayo.

And the best St. Patrick's Day gift of all: bad-ass John is back! With a post on his drink of choice to boot!

Now, if we could just work on Bill at Bloviating Inanities.

Update 2: i almost missed Michele's Guinness Ice Cream recipe until just now. Don't you miss it.

Posted by annika, Mar. 17, 2005 |
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MMMmmmmmMMMMmmmm. I like Murphy's too. But I can't find it, either. :(

Posted by: Eric on Mar. 17, 2005

I'm stopping to get some Murphy's on the way home from work. We'll see about your Guinness bashing. Then again, I do have a big jug of Bushmills Irish Whiskey that I may tap instead. These are difficult choices.

Posted by: Preston Taylor Holmes on Mar. 17, 2005

I, too, will be trying the Murphy's tonight, having drunk many Guinnesses (Guinni?).

Posted by: JD on Mar. 17, 2005

I have never tried murphy's. I guess I will try it out, I don't think there is a better day.

Posted by: chris on Mar. 17, 2005


Thanks so much. Happy St. Patty's Day!

Posted by: Gennie on Mar. 17, 2005

Hate to kill the Irish spirit, but try a few Belgian Blondes like Duvel. (And then seek out real Belgian Blondes) The taste is truly complex and at 9% alcohol/volume, it is a more efficient way to the land of wobbly public urination.

Posted by: Jason O. on Mar. 17, 2005

Belgian blondes ain't no match for one Danish blonde!

hee hee

Posted by: annika on Mar. 17, 2005

I am with you on the corona the hell with that crap.

So a Danish blonde beats a Belgian blonde, I don't think I have seen a Danish blonde before or any Danish person for that matter. What do they look like?

Posted by: chris on Mar. 17, 2005


I have been to Denmark a number of times. The first thing you notice about the Danish is their height. They are the giants of the human race-both male and female.

Since I like tall women that is one of the reasons I am impressed with Danish women.

Posted by: Jake on Mar. 17, 2005

One word : WHISKY


Posted by: lawguy2003 on Mar. 17, 2005

Blech, I'm glad that I buy Jameson's by the case. Bushmills is dog's vomit.

Posted by: Casca on Mar. 17, 2005

i liked your "panther piss" epithet better.

alliteration, hon.

Posted by: annika on Mar. 18, 2005

Belgian blondes are definitely among the best BEER--mmmm, Duvel; mmmmm, Hoegaarden--but I'm inclined/persuaded to believe Danish blondes are better in the other sense. ;-)

Posted by: Dave J on Mar. 18, 2005

Oh, and the Vikings founded Dublin, so you're probably even more Irish than you realize.

Posted by: Dave J on Mar. 18, 2005