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February 25, 2005

Finally, The News We've All Been Waiting For...

i think i speak for all of us when i say i'm truly relieved it's finally over.

Still, you'd think someone would have stamped this shit out sooner.

Posted by annika, Feb. 25, 2005 |
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ah, lest you overlook the most significant sentence of the article.

"Huge feedlots have become commonplace, and dung fires have occurred around the country."

ever driven from sacramento to modesto on a cool late night????? what's that smell?????

Posted by: louielouie on Feb. 25, 2005

Your postings always make me smile, Annika. What a witty woman you are!

Posted by: Roach on Feb. 25, 2005

Modesto? that must be the meth labs you're smelling. lol

Thanks roach, i'm glad you keep visiting!

Posted by: annika on Feb. 25, 2005

LOL. I'm surprised, though, that these huge feedlots haven't set up composting systems-- they can pull out a lot of methane-- and create a saleable compost.

I guess it's simpler to make a 2,000 ton pile, as long as the pile is downwind from the feedlot office!

Posted by: Tony Iovino on Feb. 25, 2005