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February 20, 2005


Am i the only one who was uncomfortable seeing a dancing midget onstage during the halftime show of the NBA All Star Game?

Wasn't that a bit insensitive, given that basketball is a sport that celebrates height more than any other human endeavor?

i mean, that was worse even than LeAnn Rimes' trashy outfit. What was up with that, anyway?


Update: Even though hardly anybody watched the game, and fewer still probably stuck around for the halftime show, i wasn't the only blogger who noticed the dancing midget.

Nasal Passages had this to say:

Ummmmmmmmmm, so at the half time of the NBA All-Star Game they have some "entertainment." LeeAnn Rimes was cute and her song, while very boring, wasn't bad. But right now there's this band on called "Big and Rich" and, well, they suck! What REALLY sucks about them is they have a little person on stage with them wearing a fuzzy orange hat and dancing with his two canes. Does a midget make for an entertaining half time show?? I think not. It's just all really disturbing....REALLY disturbing!!
Absolutely. Disturbing is exactly the word for it.

But Marti was distinctly pro-midget. Or at least pro-Big & Rich:

They had a midget with a cane in each hand dancing backup.

I got you now.

A midget,

cane in each hand,

dancing backup.

That's just too funny to pass up.  . . . Apparently, this duo invites many colorful characters into their fantasyland, including Limo Larry, a formerly homeless drug addict who ferries off-duty strippers and inebriated musicians around Nashville every night. And Tim the Electrician, a guy with a big mustache and a beer-swigging red macaw named Santana who clings to his owner's shoulder while Tim practices the sport he's invented, championship chair riding. I'm curious to see the rulebook for this one.

My god, you can't make up stuff this funny.

Well, i guess i need to be there.

Michael Lorenzo didn't like the music either:

I am appalled.

I just saw 3 country songs too many, a 6'5" rapping self-proclaimed black cowboy, a back up rapper dressed in a mad hatter costume, several small young white boys trying to pop and lock and a midget trying to imitate an animatronic bear.

i like a lot of country music myself. But that halftime show last night was wrong on too many levels.

Posted by annika, Feb. 20, 2005 |
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I missed the NBA All Star Game due to personal commitments, but LeAnn Rimes has THE VOICE.

So did Shaq beat up Kobe?

Posted by: Ontario Emperor on Feb. 20, 2005

People actually watch the NBA all star game?

Posted by: Mark on Feb. 21, 2005

With all of that to recommend it, I'm glad I missed it. Plus, basketball sucks.

Posted by: JD on Feb. 21, 2005

The whole midget genre really topped out with Spinal Tap. Nigel, as was typical, screwed up the measurements for the fake stonehendge display, and it ended up getting "trod upon" by the midgets. Really, after that tragic scene, anything else just isn't going to...er, measure up.

Posted by: Pursuit on Feb. 21, 2005

What would a halftime show be without someone complaining about it?

Just get rid of them all I say.

Posted by: Jason on Feb. 22, 2005