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January 13, 2005

Memo To The Makers Of The O.C.

Please tell the talent to stop chewing while talking. It doesn't project casual coolness, it's just gross. It doesn't matter how attractive the speaker/chewer is. Mouth sounds are gross, especially when amplified by a 5.1 home theater system.

Also, everybody in the real O.C. is Republican. Even the kids. So have a clue, and stop inserting those snide liberal one-liners into the dialogue.

On the other hand: Peter Gallagher singing? Not bad. Surprisingly good, actually.

Posted by annika, Jan. 13, 2005 |
Rubric: Arts


You have to stop watching that show! :)

Posted by: Scof on Jan. 14, 2005

Peter Gallagher rocks my world!

Posted by: ginger on Jan. 14, 2005

But you keep watching don't you?

Mwa ha ha ha!


Posted by: the hollywood elitist on Jan. 14, 2005

You are higher than a kite if you enjoyed Gallagher's singing. I like the guy but the singing - yow. Super bad. I thought Allie McBeal was going to show up.

You are dead on about the mumbling talking, particularly with Seth and Ryan.

I know a few millionaires who aren't Republican, but that's NorCal... maybe you're right.

Posted by: Jason Shellen on Jan. 16, 2005

Oh come on, the singing was a riot. He was, actually, the dean-martin-esque guy singing "Memories are made of this" in the Hudsucker Proxy, all those many years ago. Ahh, how far he has come.

Posted by: gunge on Jan. 16, 2005